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"speedway v2" by c u l8er on 12.11.2007
Oval race track with banked turns. Use the RACETRACKS gametype. Made by the HaloTracks group.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: ....:::Mongoose race track "Speedway V2" on Foundry:::....

Mongoose race track "Speedway V2" on Foundry
Wow this racetrack is a giant step up from the original speedway on snowbound. This oval track has it all, All 4 banked turns, Awesome infield were all the vehicles spawn and great spectator views. At the start you have the option to race the track in revers or the way it is meant to be raced witch is counter clockwise. (go left at start) Super fun with giant partys of 8-12. The apron is also filled with fusion coils for a fair penalty for those who cut the turns. For those who decide to cut the coarse there is a giant wall made so people can pass but not mongeese. You will have to change the hill movement from 15 sec to 10 seconds. Map made by the HaloTracks Group, c u l8er and killer200o.

So now your asking ok so you gata sweet map now were is the game type? well the gametype has you spawning at the mongoose's, includes no killing, its a VIP gametype so each person in the game needs to be on his own team, because every time you pass the finish line it gives the VIP a point and not the regular guy. Also I would like to thank all of my beta testers and the people who have helped me make this map.

Gamertag: HT Members, add this gamertag and view his friends list and you have a hole group of mongoose racing people to join. Only for HaloTrack members.

Please, if you are going to rate this leave a post below describing why you rated what you rated. If I can get a bunch of comments it will make future maps of mine better and better. Thank You!

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  • 12.11.2007 7:33 PM PDT

"Thus conscience does make cowards of us all," -William Shakespeare

This is an awesome track! I liked the viewing areas behind the shield doors. I liked your original speedway map a lot but I think this is even better. Keep up the good work.

O ya, 5/5

  • 12.12.2007 3:59 PM PDT

If you love race tracks go here to see the best of the best iewreplies=true&postRepeater1-p=1

Thankya very much. I love this map too.

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  • 12.13.2007 3:27 PM PDT
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  • 12.14.2007 5:45 PM PDT

Cool track. Nice banked turns. The warthogs can run smoothly here, the mongoose can run slightly rough. There is just one flaw to this otherwise good racetrack. Some of the corners of the track, where the banked structures are, are not blocked. Its rare but a player can accidentally fall off from those corners and they are off the track for good. There is no way to get back in. The only way is for the player to get back in by foot and either pick up another vehicle or wait for one to spawn.

  • 12.27.2007 4:16 PM PDT

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