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"Elongation" by MUNSIE on 12.13.2007
A well placed bribe can speed a cargo ship through what are surely some of the longest inspections in the galaxy.
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Subject: Elongation (H2 Remake) [1350+ DLs!]
  • gamertag: MUNSIE
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Long story short: This is a remake of Elongation from Halo 2, same spawns and such. Enjoy. (Skip the rest of this if you'd just like to play. ;P)

Short story long: As I've seen the hundreds of Foundry remakes pop up all over the internet, I was seeing a large collection of giant bases, mazes and puzzles, and a certain amount of remakes. I had seen Foundation, Lockout, Midship, and even Turf. I threw on the old thinker cap and came up with Elongation. This is a very well consturcted remake of this classic H2 map. This has all the same map layout, same weapon spawn points, and very similar respawn points (inspired by the H2 version). There is a few small differences, mainly because of what I was working with, but it doesn't compromise gameplay at all. Every H3 gametype works with this map, and most have the H2 objective spawns (The hills, oddball spawn, flag spawns, etc.)

This took me a total of ~4 hours to complete, I hope you guys enjoy. Would love some feedback to help with my next projects. Thanks.

EDIT: I have now added pictures under this cluster of text, and I forgot to mention a two little "easter eggs." One for those who played Halo 2 as much as I did, and one just because I could. A firebomb grenade can be found every 3:00 (does not spawn at beginning of match) in place of the flame that used to be on Elongation. The second is 'Muns' (For Munsie) outside of the map. Just two little things I threw in because I could.

PICTURES! (Click here)
The latest 9 pictures I have taken are of this map. Just a quick peek at it before you download. =)

Credits to Black October (OctoberSin) who helped add some authentic details to the map. Thanks man.


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  • 12.13.2007 5:14 PM PDT
Subject: Elongation (H2 Remake)
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

I love how this map turned out. I put down the boxes and bridges for the conveyer belt, but Munsie made everything else (Because he's cool like that). Im amazed by the turnout, and all the gametypes are authentic to the real map. All the weapons, flag spawns, bomb, ect ect is where it is in the real Elongation.

Nice job Munsie.

  • 12.13.2007 5:28 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Adding your map to the remakes list. You can find it here. I also remade Elongation. didn't go into as much detail as you did though. Great job.

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  • 12.13.2007 5:50 PM PDT

hatas wanna fight me

great remake man, feels like elongation. 5/5

  • 12.13.2007 7:27 PM PDT

these remakes are getting better and better,awesome job dude.

  • 12.13.2007 7:39 PM PDT


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