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"Training Ground" by AZN FTW on 12.15.2007
Grab your gear, and prepare for some intense training. Keep your eyes peeled... 4-16 players
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: [Forge Hub] Training Ground 7000+ Downloads

"Grab your gear, and prepare for some intense training. Keep your eyes peeled... 4-16 players"

Forge Hub


Training Ground
Covering each other's back...

Map Description:

How many maps out there are good for SWAT??? Not that many... How many does Forge Hub own? None...

I decided it was a good time to bring back a classic from Halo 2. The Halo 3 community seems to have forgotten about this very popular gametype. However, there was something I never really liked in SWAT. The fact that you could just run-and-gun with no team tactics at all. I wanted to make a map where around every corner there could be danger, and you wouldn't know it if you didn't have a partner. SWAT in Halo 2 was too fast-paced... it was time it slowed down, and became more about tactics, rather than being about who can dodge the fastest.

I started out by wanting an arena... so I picked a size and stood up some double boxes to get the green panel look on the underside. And I wanted to use the walls to create a sorta maze effect, where you have to look around corners before you advance... so I laid those out. I had space in the center, so I thought some open single boxes would make for a simple way to display the center of the arena. I coverd everything with bridges to give it a nice indoor feel.

Now the gametypes were made to be the new standard for SWAT. I slowed everyone down to 75%... trust me you barely notice. BRs and Magnums for weapons... basically the typical weaponry. I put radars on... and some people asked why I didn't turn it off. It is because with the radar being off you are not worried about giving away your position, so it turns into a run-and-gun match. Crouch is your friend. There is also 2-sec immunity to headshots on spawn. It gives people that spawn a good chance of retaliating. Now there are 4 respawn areas, there is a center spawn for each side, and a back spawn for each side. The center areas have priority, so if they are ever threatened you will most likely not spawn there. I set it up so that if you stay alive for a while, you are constantly moving back and forth between sides.

For the CTF variant... if your flag area and your center area is threatened you spawn on your opponents center area if your flag is at home, and your opponent's flag area if your flag is away. So if your flag is away you will most likely spawn with the rest of your team at your opponents flag. That way it ends up that you will always stick with your team and always have opposition while trying to bring the flag home. This makes for some interesting fights in the center, and for some tactical team fun. Hope you guys enjoy this along with the other great maps brought to you by the AZN!!!

Maps by the AZN:

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The Estate *NEW*

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  • 12.15.2007 9:25 AM PDT
Subject: [Forge Hub: AZN FTW] Training Ground

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Looks nice. I'm downloading.

  • 12.15.2007 9:50 AM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Nice job AZN.

I hope other people are more accepting than I was when I first played it with you. As you know my first impression was "great another swat map..." Well you proved me wrong fast. To me this plays a lot like R6:Vegas and was well put together.


  • 12.15.2007 10:16 AM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Ha Ha, about time you published this. Excellent map, an actual good swat map.

  • 12.15.2007 10:31 AM PDT
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finally a swat gametype thanks

  • 12.15.2007 10:33 AM PDT

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