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"Over the Edge" by c u l8er on 12.22.2007
Top to bottom of the map jumps. Use the RACETRACKS gametype. Made by the HaloTracks group.
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  • Map: Standoff
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Subject: ....:::Mongoose race track "Over the edge" on Standoff:::...

Mongoose race track "Over the edge" on Standoff
This is the 3rd map in our series 2 maps, starts off at the top of the map and you are mancannoned down with a smooth landing going max speed you hit the a ramp and hit some jumps leading ontop of the base. You go threw some more high speed turns and jumps folowed by soccer balls/shield doors. Next you exit the map and go up a giant bridge to the top of the map, watch out for the spindles rolling down. Map made by the HaloTracks Group, c u l8er and killer200o.

So now your asking ok so you gata sweet map now were is the game type? well the gametype has you spawning at the mongoose's, includes no killing, its a VIP gametype so each person in the game needs to be on his own team, because every time you pass the finish line it gives the VIP a point and not the regular guy. Also I would like to thank all of my beta testers and the people who have helped me make this map.

Gamertag: HT Members, add this gamertag and view his friends list and you have a hole group of mongoose racing people to join. Only for HaloTrack members.

Please, if you are going to rate this leave a post below describing why you rated what you rated. If I can get a bunch of comments it will make future maps of mine better and better. Thank You!

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  • 12.22.2007 2:21 PM PDT

I am a member of the group HaloTracks and I am the Head Tester for the group. If you'd like to join in on the fun, here is a link.

My Top Games of All Time
1. Halo 3 (I have beaten Legendary!)
2. Gears of War (I have beaten Insane!)
3. Guitar Hero 3 (I have beaten Expert!)

Over the Edge on Standoff by c u l8er and killer200O

Minor Errors

-The jump up to the base is a little rough sometimes after you go through the double box you can jump right off the course

-The spawn location of the mongoose after the start can be a little annoying if you don't know that you can go through the teleporter to get to the mongoose instead of killing yourself


-The mongoose spawn location is not in the way of the track at all

-The whole part outside of the map is probably the highlight of the track

-The spool that rolls down the bridge outside the map every once in a while adds fun to it when somebody in front of you gets knocked off

-The shield door area is fun to try and find a way to get through untouched

-The jump back on to the map is a pretty good landing (usually)


-Possibly make some teleporters that lead to the mongoose spawn in other parts of the track

Final Thoughts
A very well designed track that involves a big vertical slope outside the map and a "pinball" area for added fun. Good for any size party as well.

Final Rating

  • 12.22.2007 3:15 PM PDT

Will download and try.
Mr Frodo24, again you gotta post your review in the group not here.
Since there is no group topic for this map just make a new topic for the review.

  • 12.23.2007 1:52 PM PDT
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I love your group's races. Can i join. I think i have some good ideas.

  • 12.23.2007 3:27 PM PDT
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  • 12.24.2007 9:24 PM PDT

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