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"Hobo Heights V2" by TrueDarkFusion on 12.27.2007
[Must be played with Hobo Showers Variant] Brought to you by the creators of the original. Avoid laser fire from below to win.
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  • Map: Narrows
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Subject: Hobo Heights V2 (Forge Hub)
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Map Created by TrueDarkFusion & TheYavimayan

Map must be played with the Hobo Showers Variant

The original Hobo Heights has finally been recreated in the manner that it was originally attend to be. The map has been recreated on Narrows in order to fix some technical glitches seen in the original map and now the game plays much smoother.

The Hobos (all of the players but one) spawn on a destructible platform made entirely out of pallets that is floating over the bottomless pit of Narrows. Below this wooden platform spawns the Hobo Killer (aka the zombie) on his own platform. The goal of the Hobo Killer is to look up and shoot the platform from beneath the feet of the Hobos or hit the Hobos using his spartan laser. Players must try their best to jump and move wisely about the platform in order to survive the time limit. The Hobo Killer receives 1 point for each Hobo that he slays, the last man receives 5 points, and any suicidal lemmings lose 1 point.

As said before some changes have been made from the original. Now when players fall they fall to their deaths which eliminates the trend seen that players would rush and try to assassinate the zombie. Also now shields do not recharge so if a player is hit with the laser but doesn't die he is penalized. The zombie is now invisible in order to dissuade players from jumping onto the very small platform that he posses. In the event that the zombie is assassinated the guilty player has a nice -10 points to look forward to. A final bonus to the redux is the fact that the platform has grown in size so players are now given more room to breath or jump for that matter.

The New Hobo Heights
A Close Call
Don't Fall
Jump Wisely

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  • 12.28.2007 5:03 PM PDT

This was pretty fun with a small group. Too many and things get pretty crowded up top and you get people shoving you off.

But I kinda think you should receive a point for killing the zombie. The odds are highly stacked against you because first, you have to land on that small platform and not fall off and die. And since the zombie is invincible the only option you have is to assasinate him, so you have to maneuver yourself behind him on that small platform, again without falling off. It's not impossible to do yeah, but it is very difficult so I think it deserves a point.

Just something I tried to say during the game, but no one would listen to anything I said...

  • 12.28.2007 5:12 PM PDT
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its looks fun i cant wait to play it

  • 12.28.2007 6:36 PM PDT

Just message me on live.

I loved the original but people would jump off and get to angles and shoot horizontally and this looks like it fixes it.

  • 12.28.2007 6:41 PM PDT

Original was awesome...Can't wait to play this one!!!!

  • 12.28.2007 6:42 PM PDT


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