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"Drivers Ed' 1.5" by ACE2BE on 01.02.2008
This is a Driving course to improve your skills, use this track to do better at driving your warthog. (1 team, 1 to 3 players.)
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  • Map: Foundry
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  • gamertag: ACE2BE
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I bet no one will ever read this but...

My Steam name is Siminov.

I'll be making maps for halo reach shortly.

This Driving Type Course will majorly improve your driving from the driving courses i made before with some imporvements listed here.
This is not meant to be a racetrack but it could be used as one.
- Driver's Ed 1.4 Had previously 31 Downloads when I was Offline. -

1st - The course now is totally connected, meaning you can stay in the course without getting out and changing vehicles.
2nd - There is a second level to the course, which means it is now longer than Drivers Ed 1.4 was and is harder than the previous version.
3rd - The Scoring system is better than the previous version with four rounds for the four vehicles instead of the previous three.
4th - The Jump is easier to use meaning you can't get wedged between the walls and the jump.
5th - Another Skybox has been added to the course meaning a better view for the spectators in the game.
6th - There is a way to get out of the spectators area if accidently spawned in there which is unpreventable with one or more people.

But if you haven't heard of the Game or Map yet, I will explain it here---
Driver's Ed Will now be one of the best driving courses out there that is a must have that takes you through Turns, Drifts, Jumps, and now Multiple levels that will test you harder than ever before with a better score counting than maps beforre that gives you a score of 1-100 or more on how good your driving is. My current score is a 97, and I wonder if anyone can beat me. But back onto the topic, You start out with four vehicles you navigate the course during every one of the four rounds that the game provides.

Sorry there are no pictures yet, but this might change,
You have to try the map anyway.

Also when on my fileshare, look at my hit map -Delta Base.
And hit Screenshot Flamin’ Lazer

Enjoy my map!
230 dls. WOW!!!!


The Gametype Has eben updated to slot 12


[Edited on 01.09.2009 8:43 PM PST]

  • 03.22.2008 7:15 PM PDT
Subject: Driver's Ed 1.5 (Improve Your Driving Here)
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

I couldn't find the gametype, it said your file share was empty. Could you just post a link so i can use it?

  • 03.22.2008 7:25 PM PDT
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cool im gonna try it

  • 01.18.2009 3:09 PM PDT

epic i luv <3 driving

  • 08.01.2010 7:28 PM PDT

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