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"Sky Palace" by n0pr0bl3m5 on 01.05.2008
An ancient palace in the sky.
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  • Map: Standoff
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Subject: Sky Palace! 1500+ downloads!
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

this map looks awesome. im downloading it and will try it out soon. good job with the map. GO FOR 2000 DOWNLOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 03.14.2008 6:12 PM PDT

want to play mlg maps? ive made great ones! tested by generals.

close to 2000 downloads! yay!

[Edited on 03.22.2008 7:05 PM PDT]

  • 03.22.2008 7:03 PM PDT
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i dont get how to get past the barriers that are hanging over the carriers after you drop into the cage by the guardians i go up the grav lift and im stuck behind 2 barriers

plz help

thanks =]

  • 03.31.2008 4:11 AM PDT
Subject: Sky Palace! 947 downloads!

yo dude i just took a look at ur map sky place and i got to say its pretty tight i have to give u some props

  • 04.09.2008 2:14 PM PDT
Subject: Sky Palace! 3400+ downloads!

My H3 File Share for all your guilty pleasures...
My favorite professional Halo team ever: Final Boss

Bumper Jumper, 3 sensitivity, no vibration (H:CE & H2 are Boxer)
Halo 2 being my favorite Halo game to date
Halo fan since 2003

'Locked In' Forum - DOWNLOAD & RATE!

Hello forge users and Halo fans,

This is my remake of Lockout. I made this because of my love for lockout and some other good remakes inspired me and made me want to do this after downloading the heroic map pack. I began doing this last week Monday and it did cost me a lot of time so nice ratings or comments would be appreciated. Even though Blackout is coming, this map wil be great for primitive costum games and for the people who dont want to buy the upcoming map pack. Its not perfect like lockout, its more similair. I could made it excactley, but the budget system hold me down. I did NOT use the budget glitch. But every weapon, fusion coil, most camping places, ninja jumping with help of grav lifts and objects and some memorable areas makes this map a must look and download. This was my summary. Download now if you dont like to read stories lol.

My review of my own map.
First of all. I played it with some friends and even unknown players and it played good. The spawnings are working fine and the weapon spawns were OK. This map has some good and bad things. Mostly good though. Lets start with the good ones shall we?
- it has a feeling/vibe.
- if you get out of the map, you can get in while jumping on wirespools and grav lifts.
- the grav lifts also makes those ninja jumping actually jumpable (example: sniper tower to the path above the shotgun). also jumping on example fence walls makes gameplay faster.
- it has not the same camping places, but it has a few old (yeey window) and new ones (see recent screens).
- like I said, all of the weapons, nades and fusion coils are excactly on the same place in this map.
- the respawnings are similair, but not really the same so dont get mad about this. I just made some up by myself.
- the arena has a fence wall in the middle so it gives the effect of the actual glass in lockout. also you can shoot through fence walls that gives it a new twist to gameplay.
- with the large barriers I ment for NOT crossing or jumping over it, but more camping/crouching. With the short barriers I ment that you can jump over it and still stay 'in' the map.
- the mancannon used for the lift in the blue area is working perfect.
- the jump from the plasma pistol spawn to the sniper tower works.
- the side walls of the lift for the magnums are identical.
- the shotgun area is green-ish and its the same length.
- this map looks great and well made.

Now the bad things in this map. I shall say them before you guys lol.
- jumping on the arena because of the walls as floors (I had no other option) can be annoying if you are running away from an enemy etc.
- the scale of the arena is smaller and the 'above the lift' area is bigger than the orignal.
- the surroundings and buildings can be frustrating.
- the stairs to the br tower are more jumpy jumpy than walk paths.
- the long path from the lift area to the sniper tower looks kinda cheep.
- people always find glitches and more camping spots and ways getting out of the level with
no-lifing so there are many more ways than I already know to do these things on this map.
- this map is wortheless if you don't start with a SMG.

So, here you have it. My view. About that last bad thing. I made a team slayer game that's called 'Halo2' and its on my fileshare. Download that for the ultimate Lockout feeling. Overall... I gave this map 4/5. But thats just my opinion.
Here are some screenshots:
Blue Lift Area
Below The Arena
Lift path to Sniper Tower
Sword Area
Green Shotty Area
The Arena
Sniper Tower
BR Tower
Total screenshots 30, because I wanted every screenshot fit in the recent halo 3 screenshots section and it only holds 30 most recent so yeah... thats why 30 screens. These were view screens. Other are action screens so check them all out while you're looking.

Download this and give it a try in costum games with some friends. Its fun if you ignore a few things. LATER! and comment plz...

  • 04.09.2008 3:21 PM PDT


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