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"Cataphract v2.5" by Fritzster on 01.11.2008
Final version! Competitive Map that will ensure the phrase "We Heart Assists" to be mentioned. Plays 4-8 players
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Subject: Map Variant

Creative Extremist


Cataphract was featured on Major League Gaming’s Website ( as a top story for the forge the foundry contest on January 4, 2008 9:05am EST. The forge the foundry contest was held on December 12th ending on January 11th.

The featured article on Cataphract (Created by Fritzster and Zak boo) can be found by clicking here

The following was originally posted at for Cataphract map on 12-25-2007, 02:39 AM:

Final Update!: The Final version Cataphract 2.5 is now up!

Last Update List:

* Removed 4 shield doors and replaced with a half wall/geometry glitch.
* A more stream-lined way of getting around man cannon, without using it.
* Sniper corner walls are now split in half allowing more agility with sniping.
* Half single wall added to 2nd level Tower to give an open yet solid cover.
* 2 Hills placed at 2nd level towers to get the most use out of the map in KoTH.
* There are now 5 Hills in KoTH, all well positioned.
* There are now 10 BRs on the map.
* There are now 12 Frag nades on the map.
* There are now 12 Plasma nades on the map.
* Rockets now respawn 2 minutes (no spare clip, run time max 1).
* 2 Snipers now respawn every 2.5 minutes.
* 1 mauler added in the OS tunnel. (1 spare clip, run time max 2, 2 maulers on map).
* Gate now geometry-glitched to give it more practical use in competitive play.

It was fun while it lasted. Thank you to all who supported and played this as well as a variety of other MLG-grade competitive quality maps. It was a blast and this is my final update. Everyone have an awesome weekend!

2nd Update: v2 Arrives! And hopefully here to stay.

Update List:

* Barriers removed and replaced with flat shield doors (thanks Zak). Nades now cannot fall behind the doubleboxes.
* Camo Removed. Making OS priority.
* Rocks now more inline with the map, have no spare rocket ammo. Increased importance during an intense match.
* Maulers reduced to 1 Mauler located underneath the keep.
* Few Respawn Points looked at and arranged.

I felt that with the abundance of Key power weapons was part of the reason the map was not getting the recognition it should be getting. Making some of the Hardcore MLG fans turn away from this map. With some good solid constructive feedback from the community I have to say that with the new updated v2 It has turned out great. Hopefully v2 is here to stay.

First off:

Origin of map name
- A Cataphract (from the Greek kataphraktos, plural kataphraktoi, literally meaning (very) behind barriers, behind a fence, protected)

The people behind this piece of awesome work-polished map;

The Creators:
(The Creators, editors and the awesome people who contributed to the creation of Cataphract in its entirety)

- John "Fritzster" Nicoson
- Classic Sack
- Plastic x Spoon
- I 4tG Fear I

Here are the players who Alpha/Beta tested Cataphract along with its Creators:
(Who basically just played customs in it)

- Jakashi
- Dr Thrilla
- ReZeNeR

Cataphract was created by scratch with inspiration from some of Bungies Masterpieces starting on December 14, 2007. Influences of Chilly, Middy, Hang em High, The Pit and some sections of classics such as Lockout and Sidewinder went into our original design. The first concept of Cataphract, however, was from Spoons idea of Die Hard. It just so happens that the four of us guys were in the same forge as Spoon. And it only took us about a millisecond for each of us to realize that if we adopted Die Hard map and branched of off his central design we could create something good, something that could be called a good halo 3 forged map. Most of the first concept stayed (The central section by rockets is where most of the inspiration later kick in)

We initially wanted to build off each other in a creative hurricane to build, test, custom, apply, -blam!- and moan at each other til we got our perfect map. Well with a rough estimate of 6 hours a day each since December 14, 2007 (68 hours each sounds about right) we think we have truly accomplished something good here.

Cataphract is a very symmetrical map with MLG design in mind. Everything you look at has been either replaced or polished at least four times over. Researches from MLG Gametypes V2 and Maps have played a huge role in our creation. Maulers, Rocks, Snipers, BRs, OVs, Camos and even nade respawn rates and locations where very heavily looked at throughout and we expect critics to mention the downfalls of every weapon location.

The team has gone through multiple spawn points and respawns areas like it was literally raining forged spawn points. For example, with 8 respawn areas we put 1 covering all 8 spawn points on 3rd level, 1 in central section, and 2 at outposts, level two towers, and level one open areas each with about 6-12 spawn points all working together to create the most balance and competitive experience when a player respawns. (In Hill games the respawn areas are left out of the hills central, outposts respectively)

With Symmetrical Design the team has thoroughly agreed that Cataphract is THE map to play custom Hill, Ball, and TS in. Originally made for 4v4, but as we gradually played hour by hour we realized its also a winner for 2v2 & 3v3 also.


Few parts of the flythrough are now irrelevant to what a small percentage of the map looks like. I provide you with some last screen shots of updated final v2.5 and the last. Screenshots explained in Update List.

Final Update Screenshots:


* Final Update Mauler x2 (RR: 150) (SC: 1) (Run Time MAX: 1)
* Final Update Sniper x2 (RR: 150) (SC: 2) (Run Time MAX: 2)
* Final Update Rocks (RR: 120) (SC: 0) (Run Time MAX: 1)
* Final Update BR x10 (RR: 30)
* Final Update Frags x12 (RR:30)
* Final Update Sticky x12 (RR: 30)
* Overshield (RR: 120) (Custom Power-up MLG Gametypes)

This map is designed to be played with MLG Gametypes (in orders):

* Final Update KoTH
* Oddball
* Team Slayer
* Final Update CTF

Everyone have an awesome Christmas - Holiday!

Thank you!

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All I have to say is amazing map! You put a LOT of hard work and effort into this map (68 hours, right?) and it turned out great. You should consider this your Christmas present to every Halo 3 player.

  • 12.23.2008 4:20 PM PDT

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