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"Deadlands" by Destante on 01.18.2008
A ruined town filled with the infected masses, and the makeshift safehouse where a handful of survivors remain. ~Destante
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Subject: Deadlands - Infection Horror (1000+ Downloads)

Intelligent comments and suggestions are welcome, so post away.

(5/01/08) - Version 2.0 is available here.

(3/17/08) - New In-game Pictures section added in with a few intense gameplay images, with more to be added soon. I've changed the gametype to make the zombies less annoyingly powerful and resistant to damage, so using an Assault Rifle isn't so pointless anymore.

(3/10/08) - I'm working on a potential update for this map, although any changes would be minor, besides adding another way into the base for the zombies. I'm officially ranked third in TriggerHappy915's Big 5, and I suggest checking out the other maps on the list besides mine. Pretty interesting stuff.

"The small town of Endsville was quickly brought to its knees when the infection broke out and spread across the country. It started just with small attacks during the night, but escalated to wide-spread panic and destruction as the living dead ravaged the entire community.

The bridge didn't even last until morning, so that wasn't an escape option. We barely managed to get out of that growing Hell and set up shop in this industrial facility on the outskirts of town. Our numbers remain small, but more and more of those things keep showing up at our fence. There's plenty of weapons and ammunition in the Armory, but we always need more of everything.

We only have access up to Main Street for supplies, since the rest of the town is engulfed in flames and wreckage..not to mention the zombies..It's fine, though. Main Street has plenty of stores (like Bob's Barrels and Al's Industrial Supplies) and homes to loot when we need to, though that'll only last us for so long.

There are ways for those things to scale that main fence, but it'll be fine as long as we've got people defending it at all times. The only other way for them to get in is a nicely blocked off rear entrance, but we still need a guard there at all....Someone just heard a loud noise along the western fence...Please, if anyone's still out there listening to this transmission, we need help."

In-game Pictures!
Close Encounter

Don't go suing me over the title. This is a random Infection idea I've been tossing around for a while, and finally decided to create it out of pure boredom..the best kind of motivation out there.

If anyone's seen the movie Land of the Dead, then this concept should be somewhat familiar. Locked away in your fenced-in fortress in an attempt to outlast the zombie hordes constantly trying to kill you.

Certain power weapons don't respawn, so don't go wasting anything. The Armory's very full in the beginning, but after going back for a few reloads it'll be looking pretty empty.

Gametype! - Link
These zombies are tough, just like any mass of killers would be. Shooting them a dozen times in the torso isn't exactly efficient, so going for headshots would be smart. They're fast and agile at times as well. Getting into close-quarters combat with them is not recommended.

If you do make changes to it, the zombies do need at least 75% gravity. If you make it more than that, it will greatly limit the ways for them to enter the base and possibly make it too difficult.

Forge Database
Deadly Foundry

-Conservation is important here, so using things wisely would be a good idea.

-Make use of the Trip Mines when you can, perhaps on the entrances?

-If you're the last one alive, I've found the best thing to do is corner yourself in the Armory and place mines on the only two ways in..though I barely survived with that.

-Don't feel like staying in the base? You don't have to! Go up the stairs and jump out of the sniper spot over the fence and into the dangerous city. It's not a smart idea, but fine if you feel like exploring. There are many places to hide within the town, like shops, backyards, and homes...Having a shotgun would be a good idea, though.

-Having someone watching your back is important here, so be considerate of others.

From friends during testing of an earlier version. =P

"Dude, this place is scary.."
"Why do they move so fast?!" Dead
"They're in the base!" "What? Where?" "Behind you idiot!" Dead
"I got him..I got him.." Dead Sniper
"I'm too pretty to die!" Dead..and Girly

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  • 01.21.2008 3:19 PM PDT


Hey Downloaded your map and game varient last night and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how you made up a story to it and everything...its pretty sweet map, but i haven't played a real game on it or with ur game varient....pretty sweet map, keep up the good work! hey check out my maps multi level and castle of doom! if ya want

  • 02.04.2008 9:52 AM PDT

Youtube username: FullM3talgamer (lame name..I know)

I like how you included the story of your map and it's great also. :)

  • 02.04.2008 10:02 AM PDT
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This map is pretty sweet.

You can find a zombie map just as good as this one here...

  • 02.04.2008 10:04 AM PDT


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