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"Ski Slope" by thelastlaugh27 on 01.27.2008
Ski slope, banked turns, sky tracks, and tunnels in this track!!! Made by thelastlaugh27
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: ~~~Huge Ski Jump~~~ Racetrack "Ski Slope"

Ski Slope
This is my first racetrack on foundry. It also has the first ski slope ever in a racetrack. You start out in an open garage area. After getting boosted by mancanonns, navigate the turns that have been perfectly engineered for overtakes and powerslides. Go through the tunnel and once you drive out, there is a 45 degree banked turn that takes you up to the sky track. There is a tunnel bridge and a skytrack that takes you to another tunnel section. Once you leave it, drive up the bridge and go down the fun and exciting ski slope and jump off it. It makes for some cool screenshots when a bunch of friends do it!

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Please, if you are going to rate this leave a post below describing why you rated what you rated. If I can get a bunch of comments it will make future maps of mine better and better. Thank You!

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  • 01.27.2008 1:50 PM PST
Subject: Racetrack "Ski Slope" (Banked Turn + Ski Jump+ Sky Track ...
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I love this track; I still like the others better, but still great. The skytrack part was my favorite part. I love this track's sense of speed and and the directions you chose for this. The tunnel bridge is cool. The only problem is some parts arent full speed, but thats just a personal thing. There's nothing wrong with it. Its real good for your first foundry track. Overall 4/5. Keep up the good work

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  • 01.27.2008 5:06 PM PST
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Sweet track!!

  • 01.28.2008 11:45 AM PST

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Ski Slope on Foundry by personanimal (thelastlaugh27)

Minor Errors:
-At the beginning of the track, the gravity lift in front of you can sometimes mess you up at the beginning if not going full speed.
-Sometimes on the first banked turn, I fell off the track and ended up scoring a lap. I suggest to either move the lap marker up to the top of the slope or enforcing the turn. It's nothing big if you can do the turn right, but it's just a little something I found.

-I like the banked turns twords the middle of the race. It makes the track very interesting.
-The drop at the end is really impressive, and how you can land the jump smoothly makes it just about perfect.
-The tunnel in the middle of the banked turns is pretty neat. A nice little add-on.
-The gravity lift at the beginning after the first lap can really help you out a lot because it makes the turn around much easier.

-As stated before, maby you should fix the first banked turn. It's not major or anything, but it would be nice to enforce it.
-The first B sign that you come across on your left side isn't really needed. I think it takes up space.

Final Thoughts:
-Awesome slope at the end!
-The banked turns in the middle really spice up the map, making it more fun!
-A must have racetrack for any hardcore racer (that has the new maps, that is)

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  • 01.28.2008 1:19 PM PST
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i will check this out YOUR TRACKS ARE GREAT. also plz check out my zombie city map

  • 01.28.2008 3:26 PM PST


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