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"UNSC Circuit" by Frozenghost001 on 01.31.2008
This racetrack on Rats Nest changes every lap to make the track harder. Expirenced drivers only! -Frozenghost
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  • Map: Rat's Nest
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Subject: ..::Mongoose Racetrack "UNSC Circuit" on Rats Nest::.. *V...

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UNSC Circuit
-Added a gravity lift before the lap marker to slow you down to prevent you from crashing/flipping.
-Added a sloped bridge where mongooses start to reduce the amount of flipping by 90%! (I can't seem to get it perfect, but I flipped 1/12 times while testing it).
-Lowered the mongoose starting position by a lot! (To reduce flipping)
-Added a gravity lift right when you get inside red base on the staircase to help you turn.
-Removed the gravity lift in the 2nd indoor room and replaced it with barriers/teleporter arrows.
-Reinforced the gravity lift when you first go inside blue base with shield doors to make sure you don't fall off the track.
-Removed a hazard right when you get outside blue base (the barrels) because you almost always flip on that, but I left the next one because it's cool (in my opinion).
-- -- -- -- --
-This track sort of plays like ICERMAJ's Change-Up racetrack.
-This map has been in the works for maby about 2 1/2 days, with 4 hours each day; half is 2 hours (for a total of 10 hours). This includes testing, building process, and tweeking process.
-My testers loved it, and I guarentee you will too!
-- -- -- -- --
This is not one of those races on Rats Nest where it goes around the outer ring, oh no. This is better. It goes through everything. You go inside both bases, you go in the center twice (ground floor and suspension bridge above the floor), and more! Here's an overview of the track. You start out on the side, with a teleporter in front of you. Go through it, grab a mongoose, and roll off the bridge. Hold [LT] to make sure your flipping changes are reduced, because sometimes when you land, he mongoose tends to flip over. But anyways, go into the middle and up the bridge. Make a right and make a u-turn into red base. Go up the stairs and follow the path into the 2nd room. Go down and up the following stairs and onto the middle suspension bridge. When you make it to the other side, slow down and make a right. If you go too fast. you'll go flying off the track. But no worries, I designed the track so you would hop right back on the track if you fall off. Go through the tunnel and out the side door. When you reach outside, you come across some "road hazards". This includes tons of rocks (traffic cones/camping chair things), barricades (barrels), and an indoor expiremental volcano exploding (fusion cores). When you ge past those, go off the jump and through the lap marker. Here are some changes of the track for later laps (not all, but some):

-(Lap 2) More road hazards right after the lap marker
-(Lap 2) Bigger barricades are set up right before going into red base & lap marker position)
-(Lap 2,3) Explosives right after going up middle bridge
-(Lap 4) Soccer balls right after lap marker

Photo Album From V1!!

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  • 01.31.2008 2:38 PM PDT

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chillax? definantly a floodian.
-onyx spartan

holy -blam!-

  • 01.31.2008 2:45 PM PDT
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Looks good. Finally a decent rat's nest map

  • 01.31.2008 2:57 PM PDT

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UNSC Circuit v2 on Rats Nest by Ice Masta Alex


- I like how some objects appear after a couple of laps. (ex: fusion coils, barrels, and soccer balls)

- It's very hard to get lost and also (if you stay on the track) impossible to go off the edge and die.

- The part in the bases isn't slow or tight.

- Most all the turns are wide and not hairpin turns.


- The boxes / crates that appear get in the way and the speed / flow of the race is slowed down a lot.

- The garage is too low to the ground and when you go off the jump into the finish line you run into it.

- The last grav lift runs you into the wall / door and can sometimes make you stuck.


- Raise up the garage and to make it so you don't land head first angle the bridges on the end up (almost like a jump) and that should make you land smoothly.

- Change the angle of the last grav lift so that it pushes you out the door. You could also move it to the right (if you were looking at it through the door it pushes you through) and that would have the same effect.

- Delete some of the boxes or spread them out so they don't make you slow down so much.


Fun map to race on. The first lap is fast and then objects get added in and it becomes a tricky race to run!

Final Rating:

Difficulty: Medium
Rating: 4 / 5 (4.5 / 5 with suggestions)

[Edited on 01.31.2008 4:10 PM PST]

  • 01.31.2008 4:01 PM PDT

-blam!- -blam!- -blam!- this is a sweet -blam!- -blam!- map

  • 07.14.2009 6:02 AM PDT

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