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"We've got pride" by Predator5791 on 02.20.2008
Done by Predator5791, Child of Zohar, BrainyMemo and Blood scar95.. we're actually straight
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Subject: Halo Players Got PRIDE

cool , but i hate most -g a y s!-s and im not g-a-y.

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  • 07.12.2008 10:48 PM PDT
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exactly what I meant :D,also I'm straight,not g.ay,just making sure

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  • 07.13.2008 3:35 AM PDT


god made marriage for a man and a woman not for a mutha -blam!-en man and a man, I dont give a -blam!- what anyone says its not right and this acccount can get banned for this -blam!- I dont give a -blam!- -blam!- is not -blam!- right.

  • 07.22.2008 12:36 PM PDT
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Posted by: InflamedN3LLY
I dont hate g-a-y's i hate crackers!! (White ppl) they are all ignorant and call people n-i-g-g-e-rs or beaners or Jews but they know they cant say that in front of a black guy, or a mexican, or a jew.
So i wish they all die. Mata Gringo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bye the way to all of u ppl who r ignorant and dont know what "Mata Gringo" means. It means Kill White Americans!!!)

Yeah, I'm ignorant because I don't know what a word means. I don't care what your mother taught you, but do you not think referring to white people as crackers is the equivalent of the N-word? You're being just as ignorant yourself for thinking all white people are ignorant. And also, I forgot to add this part: Wow, you can make threats over the internet, you must be awesome and perfect.

Now that sarcasm's out of the way, I'll be serious. You, get a life, learn something, if you think all white people are ignorant, then you are one racist dumbass, and really ignorant, for that matter.

  • 08.05.2008 3:53 PM PDT

that pride is really -blam!- but funny

  • 08.08.2008 6:22 PM PDT

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