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"Sniper Chasm" by Call Me Power on 02.18.2008
Use the warps wisely to gain the upper-hand. Designed with sniper varriants in mind. 2-10 players recommended.
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Subject: Uniquely Hard Sniper Map (990+ dls!)

People with poor depth perception tend to go the extra mile.

Uniquely Hard Sniper Map

I uploaded this map to a week or so ago so that I could properly submit it to for their critique of it, and am now ready for’s thoughts on it. The people over at Forge Hub couldn’t find anything bad to say about it, which makes me pretty excited! Here’s the link to my Forge Hub thread if you would like to see what they had to say about it.

I'm going to put my pictures first, since people tend to like pictures more than paragraphs:

Only way out of Construct.

Only way into Construct.

Bottom level: Turret Crates (in background). Middle level: Alien Supply Cases. Top level: Drop pods. These items will allow you to quickly identify which level you are on. Also, don’t hug the back wall.

View from above.

Right side of map. One invisibility on middle level.

Left side of the map. Overshield on both top and bottom levels.

Hiding behind a box

Jumping from the top box to the very bottom box.

Using the barricade.

Watch your footing or pay the consequences.

Settin’ up camp under Construct.

Headshot on the fall.

This is my favorite map, so I was going to see what yall thought of it. It’s made for competitive or casual FFA or Team Slayer. I was going to name it “Sniper Ravine” but XBL deemed “Ravine” to be an inappropriate word (???)

Anyway, as you can probably tell from the name and the pictures, this map was designed for Sniper gametypes. The gameplay area includes what you’re used to playing in Construct, as well as the tiers on the outside of the levels. All of the warps are the same channel, meaning they send you to a random destination (16 destinations total). This is good because if you are attacked you can run into a warp and your attacker has no idea where you’ve gone, but you may know where they attacked you from, giving you the upper hand :)

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any Forged maps like this made specifically for snipers, because the natural level design is perfect for it. You can see incredibly far, and the openness gives the level a great feel. My favorite part is when you’re just standing on one of the outside tiers and all of a sudden a body falls through the air in front of you; it definitely makes you nervous and adds a (good) scary feel to the level.

This is a very difficult level to play on because you really do have to watch your footing (in some spots you literally have 6 inches of space to walk on). You’ll probably also find you need to be on the move most of the time, unlike other sniper maps where it is easy to camp, and because of this most of the action usually takes place around the warps. Also, be careful of the ledges where the barricades are; the floor looks like it connects with the outside wall, but it doesn’t.

One of my suggestions is to run around this level 3 or 4 times by yourself to get a feel for it, then it will be much more enjoyable to play on. At first, everyone will be very cautious walking around, because they’ll be trying not to fall off, but like with any new level, you’ll eventually get used to it and staying on the ledges will be no problem. Eventually you’ll be able to easily make jumps from one tier to the next.

All the boxes, crates, drop pods and radio antennas are set up as boundaries; you can go past them if you would like, but you will be quickly met by an invisible death wall, so I’d recommend staying in the boundaries.

Under the default custom game settings, teams are not enabled and it takes 15 kills to win; 2-10 players recommended (increase kills to win if you enable teams).

Hopefully this level looks interesting to you. I’ve put a lot of time and thought into it, and I believe everything works properly. If you do find an issue, especially with spawning, please post here to let me know. And if you do decide to download this map, please leave feedback, whether good or bad, after you've had a chance to test it out (as well as rate it please). Anyway, I hope you like this level!


This is the gametype for Sniper Chasm. If you would not like to download it, make sure you turn suicide point loss off in your own gametype.

Download Snipers

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  • 02.23.2008 8:39 AM PDT
Subject: Sniper Chasm (Unique - Forge Hub Critiqued)

Looks like it could have a wide variety of play.

Open & challenging... I like it.
I'll DL it and tell you what I think soon.

  • 03.01.2008 5:14 PM PDT
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I love snipers, I can't wait to try it!

P.S. Thanks for posting on my map promotion thread.

  • 03.01.2008 5:51 PM PDT
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It looks good, I'll give it a try.

  • 03.02.2008 5:03 PM PDT
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looks pretty sweet ill DL and play on it w/my friends....and watch them fall every 5 seconds XD
ill post a comment and review the day after i try it.

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  • 03.09.2008 6:41 PM PDT

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