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"Tarantula Tower" by LIGHTSOUT225 on 03.11.2008
Built for the 1 Flag game variant Spider Flag. 4-6 players
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Tarantula Tower v2!!! 260+ DLs for both versions! Pics at ForgeHub

Gametype: Spider Flag
Gametype Download:
Suggested # of players: 4-6

Version 1 thread: ostRepeater1-p=1#18303735

PICS found at my ForgeHub thread:

Influences: There’s a tiny bit of Ivory Tower in there, but other than that basically just my extreme fear/hatred of spiders

Brief description:
Tarantula Tower is a symmetrical map designed for One Flag, specifically the Spider Flag game-variant. The attacking team spawns against the back wall and may either travel through the tunnels, or over the top (quicker, but with less cover) to the Defensive Base covering 3 levels. 2 top entrances, 2 tunnel entrances, and a lift spanning all three levels provide multiple ways in and out of the base. Since the map, despite being built from foundry’s man-made objects, has an alien feel to it, I decided to make all the weapons covenant, and split the grenades between plasmas and spike grenades. That’s right, no human weapons (other than the AR) and no frags. I wanted to create a unique experience that makes you forget about foundry all together.

Since the map is somewhat small, I created a specific One Flag variant to make it flow a bit better. 2 minute rounds, making the Beam Rifle and Plasma Cannons available only once per round. Players start without grenades, and without the luxury of a motion sensor (giving the map more suspense, and a little less grenade-spamming). Once you have stolen the flag, you’ll find your speed has been reduced to 50% in order to balance out the short distance from the top of the D base to the flag return point, and I changed the flag carrier’s color to black (the spider). Flag return time and flag respawn times are both 15 seconds.

The map is mostly close-quarters, so the screenshots don’t really show you all that much, and might be a bit confusing. Just DL the map and check it out, because I guarantee you can’t really get a good idea from just the screens. All the same I took plenty to still try and capture some of the magi…er, horror.

Weapons: AR (starting weapon), 4 Carbines (2 per side), multiple Plasma Rifles, 2 Plasma Pistols (one per side), a Beam Rifle (attack, one spawn per round), a Needler (defense), and 2 defensive Plasma Cannons (150 one spawn each per round)

Equipment: The attack has a Bubble Shield (60s), and a Deployable Cover (45s, NOT placed at start). The equipment is intended for some cover traveling across the middle, and a deployed Bubble Shield above the sword room can make for some interesting battles for those underneath.

That’s about it for now, I hope you all enjoy Tarantula Tower. It took me probably 15-18 hours, give or take. Lining the upper tunnels with walls proved pretty difficult with the odd angles and interlocking them (they aren’t pristine-perfect, but they’re darn close. Plus I feel it adds to the atmosphere). As always, I look forward to hearing what you think, whether you liked it or not, and why. I’m open to constructive criticism, as I know I’m not perfect.

V2 fixes:
- It is now impossible to get out of the level.
- deleted excess, distracting scenery behind the map, viewable from the lower D base
- added a couple more spawn points, and another respawn area to the attacking side
- added a Power Drain to the defensive side (spawns one minute into the round, and will only be available again if sudden death comes into play)
- added sound effects:
- shield doors around the outside of the map on the defensive side
- man cannons and grav lifts around the outside of the map on the attack side

[Edited on 03.20.2008 8:51 PM PDT]

  • 03.11.2008 11:32 AM PDT
Subject: Tarantula Tower v2!!! 240+ DLs for both versions! Pics at ForgeHub

This is amazing. Great job man.

  • 03.20.2008 2:07 PM PDT
Subject: Tarantula Tower v2!!! 260+ DLs for both versions! Pics at ForgeHub

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UNSC Cargo Drop

get your other two old ones up here too...

  • 03.22.2008 4:56 PM PDT

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