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"ElephantGoBooM!" by Murderxface on 09.26.2007
6 Aircrafts can witness 1 of the greatest catastrophic explosions ever, once this puppy starts there's no stopping it.......
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  • Map: Sandtrap
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Subject: Elephant Go Boom! Updated.
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You can download the latest version Here.
I’ve been checking to see if this old version is working correctly for download & it has so far. Please PM me or post to let me know if this file share is no longer working as I have tried to replace this version with the latest one. If you’re interested in new maps see below.

Spent a lot of time strategically placing each Fusion Coil & Plasma Batteries inside the elephant to observe one of the craziest moments in Halo’s history. I wasn’t kidding, once this thing goes off it doesn’t’ stop. Has plenty of Bubble Shields, Trip Mines & grenades around the Elephant for experimentation.

Spawn points are place so vehicles are easily accessible & teleportation nodes that will take you straight to the action, more than one way. You can experience the cataclysm while driving the elephant; I strongly recommend this for Glitch game types where you are invulnerable most types of damage.

There are 2 teleporters that will take you inside the elephant, one where you are the driver & another right underneath. Each sender teleport station are represented by an object to let you know where you will end up. You want to be the “Driver” look for 2 small computer laptops, you want be on the main floor look for 2 first aid med boxes. There are also a lot of secretly placed items on this map variant. (for fun)

Total of 10 players can fly around to glimpse one heck of a show.

Final Update Report: This thing seems to be more violent than before, with more twists & turns. It’s random but the last time I tested it, it bounced completely around the map, landed, stopped for about 3 seconds then started itself all over again. I’ve looked at other map variants that are similar to this one & I have to say this one is original.
Have some fun with this & "Forge" around to see what endless possibilities you guys can come up with.

The difference in the final version “Fusion Coils minimum set to 9 out of 16 instead of 16 out of 16. 8 doesn’t work right, 10 is a little to much. Have fun!

New map on 10/09/'07 Superman-cannon.

New Rocket Race map on 12/22/'07 Bumper Arena

New Rocket Race map on 12/22/'07 RaceSandTraps

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  • 09.26.2007 1:49 PM PDT
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((( Ephemeral Psychogenic Fugue )))

This thing never stops :)

  • 09.26.2007 4:01 PM PDT

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Thanks, Smidy

So awesome I couldn't help but fly around behind it for 15 minutes looking at all the pretty lights.

  • 09.26.2007 8:40 PM PDT
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This is amazing. You sir, are a genius.

This is a must have map for any Halo 3 player.

it hasn't stopped. It's been going for 5 minutes and has moved halfway across the map in mid-air.

  • 09.26.2007 8:56 PM PDT

My OLD GT: HaloNyucka


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me and my friend tried to put the elephant on top of one of the tall structures, but we couldnt get it on the tank right...would of been pretty kewl tho..

  • 09.26.2007 10:36 PM PDT


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