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"Prototype" by Panzershreke on 03.12.2008
Close Quarters Combat Training Center (CQCTC). Suitable for sharpening skills in every gametype.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Extensively tested and tweaked and ready to go., Awesomeness will e...

I always hated you the most.
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Quick Summary

Prototype is a symmetrical multistoried map for every* gametype. Plenty of close quarters action with excellent item placement and carefully placed weapons and spawns. It has been rigorously tested and tweaked to deliver the best possible map.. This map woks great for 1v1 all the way to 12 players, any more than that gets a little too hectic, but hectic can sometimes be super fun. This one is for you, I know it.
A few screenshots.

Prototype is a symmetrical Foundry map built from the ground up. Every weapon spawn, respawn, and item has been personally placed by me. I have put many hours into building this map and even more in testing it. Special thanks goes to Odmicheal for helping me test the map as well as WFgeppetto, and many more for suggestions, uplifting comments, and for helping me test it out. You guys rock!

Prototype has three stories and two bases that are linked at various chokepoints. The map has a feel that reminds me of Halo: CE’s Rat Race while remaining completely original. I relied heavily on the use of fence walls and fence boxes that create an interesting barrier between you and your enemies. Each base has three ways that you can exit from, on the first story, there are two tunnels that lead out to a center area where several useful items can be found along the way. The second story of the base is where you can take a straight shot at the enemy base through the long hallway, but b e careful as each base has a turret for defense making an awesome kill zone. The 2nd story hallway also contains the two teleporters that transport you to the 3rd story where neutral items spawn as well as an overshield.

*The game has been tuned to support every gametype, from slayer to ctf. All gametypes will function properly but some extreme gametypes such as grifball aren’t well suited here.

The map has been tested, retested, tested some more, and then tested again to test the testers. The point I’m getting across is that all aspects of gameplay from respawns, weapon placement, and more have been looked into and tweaked to create the best possible map for your enjoyment.

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  • 03.12.2008 2:53 PM PST
Subject: The Child of Rat Race & Midship. Well made, amust see. PICS

RaTiOnAl AnArChY

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Guys, Seriously, this is a fantastic map. It's functional for all types of gameplay, and even the pickyest players will love it, even if they decide a power up should be moved. I am incredibly impressed with the symmetry, and style of this map.

Very creative! It must have taken you quite a while to put this together.

For those of you that like quick, tight maps, this is a must have!

  • 03.12.2008 3:34 PM PST
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Posted by: DEATHPIMP72
Anyone but Foman. He smells like cheese.

Unlocked for comments.

  • 06.24.2008 12:06 PM PST
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live to die get nothing back

hmm this looks alot like the infiltration map just made smaller

  • 06.24.2008 1:54 PM PST
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You will like this one. Trust me :)

  • 06.24.2008 5:09 PM PST

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