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"Confused Riddle" by Frozenghost001 on 03.11.2008
[Must use the gametype Riddle Trials] This riddle is the hardest one out yet! There is a total of 11 challenges. Good luck!!
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: ~*~Confused Riddle - The Successor of Saw~*~ (Maze 4) 400+ DLs

My old YouTube channel got banned while I was on vacation. Please subscribe to my new one to help me get back up to 20,000+ subs: (

Confused Riddle
This is my forth maze that is based off of Saito100's Saw maps, as well as KAEBERS' Puzzle Play maps. This plays just like them too. There are 7 different rooms, each with a maximum of 2 different riddles/challenges. You have to use your sight and your mind to get past each room. The rooms do not go from easiest to hardest, they are all mixed up. There are more hard rooms then easy rooms, don't worry. Here's a description of all the rooms: (contains spoilers)

1) Long Hallway - That teleporter seems to be a bit high eh? Go find something to get up there. *****
2) Long Hallway...Again - Learn to go through walls. **
3) Trapped Box - That flamethrower can be quite useful for lighting things on fire. ****
4a - 4b) Explosives Testing - Get out of there before you get asploded! ***
5a) The Maze - Uh, which way do we go? ***
5b) The Maze pt. 2 - Yet again, we're stuck in a maze.***
6) Barrel Room - How do we get past the gravity lift? ***
7a) Multi-Storied Facility - Get to higher ground! ****
7b) Crane Area - Jumping is the key to this challenge! ****
-- -- -- -- --
Difficulty Signs:
* Easy room. Shouldn't take more then a minute
** Medium room. Shouldn't take you more then 2 minutes
*** Simi-hard room. Will take you no more then 3 minutes
**** Hard room. Will take you no more then 5 minutes
***** Really hard room. Will take quite a while if it's your first try
-- -- -- -- --
Challenges Per Room
Room 1 -- 2
Room 2 -- 1
Room 3 -- 1
Room 4 -- 2
Room 5 -- 2
Room 6 -- 1
Room 7 -- 2
Total -- 11
-- -- -- -- --
Photo Album
-- -- -- -- --
Gametype: REQUIRED TO PLAY!! Updated as of 6/22/08
-- -- -- -- --
Map Featured In:
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Saw Forgers

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  • 03.13.2008 5:02 PM PDT
Subject: ~*~Confused Riddle - The Successor of Saw~*~ (Maze 4) 175+ DLs
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

i love puzzle maps, and i downloaded one of ur other ones these sound really fun. i like your idea of different challenges in different rooms. cant wait to try them

  • 04.21.2008 12:50 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

The pictures really don't show much of the map..

  • 05.10.2008 7:48 PM PDT

Hey could you make like a spoiler walkthrough for this riddle? I can't get past the part where you have to "get to higher ground". Or could you at least guide me through it?

  • 06.17.2008 5:45 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Awesome map, took me forever to figure out the barrel room.

  • 07.25.2008 10:54 AM PDT

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