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"CodeName: Urban" by TheLintendo on 03.21.2008
By Lintendo. This old abandoned storage facility is still a common meeting site for criminals. 4-12 players
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Subject: Code Name: URBAN. A SWAT map by Lintendo64

As always, if you like or dislike this map, please post a comment or criticism.

Please check out my other maps, including REACTOR CORE

Member of PROFORGE and []FORGEHUB[/url]

Code Name: URBAN
Map: Foundry
Gametype supported: All types EXCEPT territories.

Gametypes recommended: SWAT, One-Bomb, Multiflag, Single Flag, Team Slayer/Slayer, Infection

Built for custom gametype: TAC SWAT Z

Key notes about TAC SWAT Z: Shields are enabled, 300% damage so you can still die quickly, but makes cover more useful. Shields recharge 50% slower. Kills count for +2, ASSISTS COUNT FOR +1!!! (another reason to stick together). First to 150 wins.


Urban is a map that was inspired by other Tactical FPS type games, such as Rainbow 6.

Urban focuses on the player using cover to weave strategically across the map and out flank enemies. The multitude of pathways and entrances make teamwork key as you direct allies to the positions of snipers and campers.

The assymetrical map design creates a natural setting for assymetrical gametypes. One bomb and One flag can become very intense for both sides. As offense attempts to sneak the bomb in, and defense must carefully watch all the entrances.

Similar to my map Intersection, I tried to create an urban setting. This one, however, focuses less on buildings and more on the entire surrounding.

On this map you will not find covenant weapons. Being inspired by SWAT gametypes, the map weapons consist of Sniper rifles, Battle Rifles, Magnums, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and SMGs.

Grenades are also found less throughout the map, another design choice due to being built around SWAT.


The four major areas of Urban

The Storage Facility .jpg

The Front Entrance g

The Parking Lot ot.jpg

The Side Entrance ance.jpg

Under the bridge leads to two alternate pathways into the building der.jpg

The Sewer entrance g

And the Back Alley entrance y.jpg

The sewers takes you directly under the building. A shotgun spawns underneath the building making it an excellent way to infiltrate, but watch for the grates and fusion cores. The key is stealth. rate.jpg te.jpg rance.jpg

The Back Alley entrance leads to the second floor of the building, making it easier to get an edge on enemies on the first floor rs.jpg

The Parking lot and the Side entrance are linked by the side alley. A shotgun also spawns here, giving you another great way to enter the building. y.jpg

Within the building is a room where a sniper rifle spawns pg

And from there you can get onto the roof with some careful jumps: g

But watch below you too, the roof has broken with age and makes you an easy target if you aren't careful. .jpg

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  • 03.21.2008 11:18 AM PDT

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wow, sounds like you put a lot of work into this,

a couple of maps like this one have persuaded me to buy the heroic map pack....

as soon as i get i'll defenetly download this one!!

looks sweet!!

  • 03.21.2008 11:35 AM PDT

WOW! Excellent work. You must be Insaniacly skilled to have put all that together so well.

  • 03.21.2008 12:08 PM PDT

Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like noones watching.
This represents me.

another great Lintendo64 creation, also did you get your account back after it was hacked? FORGEHUB link fixed

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  • 03.21.2008 12:32 PM PDT


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