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"Perimiter" by El Smacko 42 on 03.22.2008
Remote industrial sites like this one are routinely requisitioned and razed as part of Spartan training exercises. 4-12 players
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  • Map: Last Resort
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Subject: Map Variant
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I should start out by saying this map was designed for both traditional infection and Predator gametypes.

This map, in my opinion, was a significant step forward for me. If I might take the liberty to self analyze (and bear with me, I'm not attempting to boost my own ego here...well, maybe a little.), it's really the first time I started paying attention to more then just moving weapons, vehicles and spawns around in a map. The first time I really started getting creative with how the map flowed, and experimenting with different approaches to the traditional siege map.

In this map the Predator spawns on the beach, while all the humans spawn in the large generator building, which forms a central "hub". Though loaded with basic weapons, the generator building has no blocked off exits, making it incredibly difficult to defend against a crafty Predator or horde of zombies. So instead of stay there, the humans are presented with three teleporters, each of which leads to three smaller outposts: The beach ruins, the Froman building, and the tower by the big wheel. Each of these places, though closer to the threat, is more definsible. This increased defensibility is exponentially increased by each outposts (by virtue of Bungie's map design) relation to the other, and how smart players can communicate and watch each other's backs.

Aside from imrpoved construction, I think this map also marks another incremental improvement in my attention to detail, particularily the common placement of energy shields to be used as barricades (I know I got that idea from someone else, but for the life of me can't remember who, sorry.), and the placement of a myriad of small physics objects (like traffic cones), which can be used by the careful observer to determine the presence of the Predator.

Also, I really like the minefield of fusion coils where the wall meets the wheel tower.

I really like this maps playability, and, though I'm sure it sounds sycophantic coming from the guy who made it, I do think it makes for one of the better Predator maps either I or anyone else have made so far (that I am aware of, which is far from most of them.)

  • 10.31.2008 12:22 AM PDT

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