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"Amplified v1.2" by Fritzster on 03.28.2008
Competitive and balanced TEAM; a Fritzster & Zak Boo map, 4-8 players
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Subject: Amplified v1.2 Update [Amped up with Advanced Forging] - Quality

Creative Extremist


Note to all supporters:


>>Official v5 settings released from MLG.<<

Direct Link to [MLG's Fileshare] - Slot 6

After three months of rebuilding and streamlining, the monkey is off my back.

Thank you, the map can now be played by the tens of thousands online and at MLG events. This map has come a long way. Also expect to see MLG Amp v5 in matchmaking in early June.

As of Friday, May 16, 2008 - Major League Gaming introduced my Amplified map to their pro circuit - hosting 2 out of their 11 gametypes. (TS, KoTH)

I am very proud of how far my endless, sleepless nights of work have gotten me. Time to catch up with friends, family and Team. MLG San Diego pro circuit is going to be amazing! If you can't make it June 13th-15th, definitely watch their ESPN broadcasting on their site

Peace everyone
and Game on!

- Fritzster

Amplified v1.2
a Fritzster & Zak Boo map

Originally posted update v1.2 on MLG’s Halo 3 Forge forum, found here.

The original MLG Amplified v1-v1.1 final-stage thread can be found here.

Amplified is recommended to be play with MLG gametypes found here.

* TS
* Ball
* KoTH
* MLG FFA variant 110/110/90 – for Amplified’s 1.2FFA Map variant.

Key Feature List:
* Symmetrical
* Budget Glitch Free (is not in use)
* Built for Competitive Play
* Versatile all-gametype Map for Teams
* FFA Map variant included

- Some MLG background -

Influenced by the Safeguard Concept design, reaching about 2 weeks (1 month since concept, found on MLG’s Halo 3 Forge Forum), the creation of the "Real Deal" AKA "Magnum" Final map stage for us has been kept secretive, that is until now. Amplified is Considered to be our best map-to-date. We put our lives in a cave for 2 weeks, our friends know, and now we have finally come to say that we created a truly innovative map for fellow Competitive Gamers to game on. We have done a ton of research from MLG maps to other Maps in the community. Balancing the gameplay to geometry to the appearance of visual presentation are just a few to name. We hope our hard work balancing Amplified Map pays off. Our Goal was to create a kickass map.

You will see things on this map to the degree that were not thought possible on other maps; geometry glitched through the Map geometry itself. The use of the extra resources where the walling off is not needed, with painstaking precision a clean presentation on not only looks and resources, but also game play. This is Amplified's specialty and the rising of the bar for more maps to come. And most likely a guide that explains the creation process and style of maps and how we build them in Halo 3's Forge is coming soon.

- Here’s the Update Lists of previous version reference -

Update List v1.2 - Friday, March 28, 2008:

* Purple ramp leading up to P3 now has a bubble for cover (corner wall)
* Four new corner walls, two on each side form a star Spartan height for more cover
* Geo glitched corner wall under center base indicators for increased nade points and reduced LOS side base-to-base
* Adding the centered geo glitched corner wall opened up opportunities for a forth escape/entrance to bases; back of bases jump from base one to base two is possible
* Flags moved to the most centered upper part of base level 2
* Removed the inconsistent sword
* Shotty now in place of sword; no spare clips, RR of 90, cycle spawn for team games
* Mauler centered for MLG FFA play
* Respawn points rearranged under purple airplane and four corners of the map
* Fixed custom height on center step up boxes
* P3 area widened to balance the fact that mobility in P3 was small in previous versions
* P3 ramps now features door railings for more cover and agility to reach P4 effectively during gameplay
* P2 has smoother transition now; with intertwined glitch for cover
* Yellow two has a ceiling now, still accessible by docks and solid nade points from yellow one
* Signs geo glitched vertically in level 1 base entrances; a 2 door way entrance now, LOS slowed down
* Starting spawns on all gametypes moved; two on each side of Back base jump up and FFA re-balanced once again
* Hills moved to yellow two, to red base one, to yellow two, to blue base one - in that order

Thank you-s to Runner AI for kicking my ass at good ideas for this map update, and thank you-s to SavageBAMF for never shutting up and keeping me company, oh yea and ideas too... Zak Boo, my Forge supporter and co-Map maker, usual as well.

- MLG Forge thread update -

”This late March update focused on slowing down the fast gameplay that comes with forged foundry maps. As well as adding cover to key locations in corners yellow and purple. More play space and routes than previous versions and previous maps known for a fact. More dedication and devotion has been put into this map than should be allowed. If it doesn't show than I will be a monkey's uncle. I know that more time spent could be used to make other incomplete concepts as what the fad seems to be around here, but obviously this map is worth it, I'm glad I see the light now for this map. Its support has been much appreciated and more to come I'm sure, thank you. BTW I was thinking "Carbon vs. FB" ... yes.”

Update List v1.1 - Wednesday, March 12, 2008:

* P4 wall repositioned and fixed
* Raised box in bases replaced with custom bridge, safe spawning opportunities increased
* Starting Spawns looked at
* Bubble Respawn points moved to corners prevent unfair situations off-spawn
* Some Geometry slants/angles looked at and fixed
* Overshield red base indicator is now fixed and unreachable
* Hills in KoTH are now circles, the fact that there is now an open level one base.

- MLG Forge thread update -

”The main priority for this update was to make the bases more fluid with gameplay, and at the same time add even more safe respawns to spawn in. The Bridges took a while to get as close to perfect as forge-possible as they too are custom lengths. For gameplay this adds more cover for under the bases to side bases and no more jumping to go through the bases, more reason to strafe better and more reason for more solid feel of gameplay; hills now semi-circles. Enjoy, we hope to see some customs tonight on Amplified v1.1”

Video Reserve - and complete guide coming late April.

Screen Shots Updated v1.2:

Amplified v1.2 – SS 1
Amplified v1.2 – SS 2
Amplified v1.2 – SS 3
Amplified v1.2 – SS 4
Amplified v1.2 – SS 5
Amplified v1.2 – SS 6
Amplified v1.2 – SS 7
Amplified v1.2 – SS 8
Amplified v 1.2 – SS 9
Amplified v1.2 – SS 10

Amplified v 1.2: Team Map

MLG Gametypes:
* Team Slayer
* Updated v1.2 - Capture the Flag
* Updated v1.2 - King of the Hill
* Ball

Weapons List:
* 8 Plasma Nades
* 8 Frag Nades
* 8 BRs
* 4 Carbines
* Update v1.2 - 1 Shotty; no spare clips, RR 90, spawn cycle (drop spawn)


MLG Gametypes:
* An FFA Variant

Weapon List:
* 8 Plasma Nades
* 8 Frag Nades
* 8 BRs
* 4 Carbines
* 1 Mauler (Respawn Rate of 90, no Spare Clips, Max 1)

- MLG thread and interest of updates -

”What a night of finishing up the map.
More to come... Soon:”

Make sure to check with the MLG forum discussions on Amplified for most recent updates

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People should really take a look at this map. It has the most advanced forge techniques used to make a really map.

  • 04.03.2008 12:38 AM PDT
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I've been told this map is amazing, but you should fix the links to your photos. They seem to not be working.

[edit]: I have never seen so much geo-merging in a map! I can certainly appreciate all of the effort you put into this map. Amazing!

[Edited on 04.25.2008 8:46 AM PDT]

  • 04.22.2008 12:59 PM PDT
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Yeah the links dont work, but im downloading. 5/5 btw!

  • 04.23.2008 8:30 AM PDT


  • 04.25.2008 2:10 PM PDT

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