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"Stargate Wars" by Revelation Six on 04.08.2008
A game variant of Stargate Wars, Wednesday April 9, 2008 01:39:42
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Subject: Stargate Wars - Zombie Variant ~ Custom Map ~ Images ~ Description
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Stargate Wars ~ Created for the Group Mjolnir Battle Tactics.

In 1928, during an excavation in Giza, Egypt, a colossal coverstone is uncovered, which houses a stone ring underneath it. The stone ring is transported to the United States for study, however soon after, the United States Military takes possession of the ring. Many years later a scientist studying the ring discovers perhaps the greatest secret in the history of humanity. The ring is actually a functional device that, when properly used, can open an Einstein-Rosen Bridge or “wormhole” to other planets. The ancient Egyptians called the ring “Stargate.” A military expedition is sent through the wormhole to evaluate the danger of posed by the device. They soon discover an aggressive species called the Goa’uld. The Goa’uld are a powerful symbiotic alien that requires a human “host” for survival. As such, they seek to subjugate all human-kind in their quest for power and domination.

The year is now 2008. The Goa’uld are positioned to attack Earth but one thing stands in their way. The United States military has employed an alien defense system that poses a very serious threat to an invading Goa’uld force. The key to activate this defense system is housed at Stargate Command at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. The Goa’uld have infiltrated the SGC with one of their own. Due to their symbiotic nature, the Goa’uld are able to control their human host without being easily discovered. The Goa’uld spy has sabotaged the Stargate, preventing the SGC from closing the wormhole or the iris. Stargate Command is now faced with a Stargate opened directly to the Goa’uld homeworld and must defend against the impending invasion.

You are humanity’s last line of defense. Can you protect the SGC against a Goa’uld onslaught or is Earth doomed to become another enslaved planet?

Lock and load. They Goa’uld are coming!

Map Variant: Stargate Wars 2

This map is a recreation of Stargate Command. The map contains a Gateroom and a Command Center with two access points. To the rear of the Command Center is the Garage. The Command Center has a complete view of the Stargate and any incoming Goa’uld. The Stargate is the most realistic gate created using the Halo 3’s forge. It is the same designed used in my MBT Stargate map variant. Various forging techniques have been implemented…, including the ever-popular interlocking method. While the map takes place on Foundry, you will find little evidence of this. The map is almost completely enclosed. It is virtually unbreakable.

Game Variant: Stargate Wars

The Goa’uld are easy to identify in their golden battle armor. Careful though… the Goa’uld have a number of weapons at their disposal whereas you have only a battle rifle and sidearm. If the Goa’uld overpower you, a symbiote will be implanted and you will join the ranks of the Goa’uld. Beware. They are a ruthless race.

The Goa’uld (Zombies) can pick up weapons. Four Goa’uld weapons (Fuel Rod Cannons) are available for pickup at the Goa’uld spawn. Due to the power of the Fuel Rod Cannon, the weapon damage has been dialed back for the Zombies. In addition, Goa’uld spawn with one of the following; brute shot, brute hammer and needler. Goa’uld also have one more trick up their sleeve. They are slightly more powerful for a short time after spawning. This is to prevent blatant camping at the Stargate… a problem that came up frequently during play testing. Several other problems were noted and corrected during play testing. For instance, the Stargate teleporter is no longer blockable. Goa’uld armor was designed to be resistant to energy weapons, however projectile weapons such as the humans use are much deadlier. As such, one shot to the head of a Goa’uld is lethal.

The only problem that I couldn’t work out during play testing was the alpha zombie spawn location. I wasn’t able to figure out how to force a spawn on the other side of the gate. This is why I worked in the idea of a Goa’uld Spy into my plotline. So, when the game starts… watch out for that spy. He could be amongst you. In all likelihood though, parties over five or more will force the zombie to spawn in the correct location.



Gateroom – Left Side

Gateroom – Right Side

Gateroom – Left Side and Command Center

Command Center viewed from Gateroom

Command Center Access – Left Side

Command Center Access – Right Side

Interior of Command Center – Rear View

Interior of Command Center – Frontal View

Garage – Last Stand

View of Command Center from Garage

Don’t forget to download the gametype: Stargate Wars

Also download MBT Stargate.

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  • 04.09.2008 8:45 AM PDT

Great map. Great gametype. You've really captured the feel of Stargate. 5/5.

  • 04.09.2008 1:55 PM PDT
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Best looking stargate so far! Now if only there was a way to make a functioning DHD..

  • 04.10.2008 9:15 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Awesome map, can you make an atlantis base

  • 04.16.2008 12:38 PM PDT

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Papa John

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