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"Flying Saucer" by Mrxchow on 04.09.2008
The space observatories didnt expect space was observing them, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. 2-12 Players
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  • Map: Standoff
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Subject: Flying Saucer over Standoff (Screenshots) 1000+DLS

From the maker of Godzilla comes.... A giant UFO is hovering over standoff. Its humans versus the alien invaders in an epic battle for control over planet earth! Play with the gametype Alien Invasion.

The Humans start with no sheilds but 150% damage resistance, and 125% damage. The aliens start with all black and sheilds, but with 90% damage resistance. Aliens start with needlers, swords, and no grenades, while humans start with assault rifles and grenades.

Inside the UFO there are a variety of alien arsenals to choose from. Such as 1 Beam Rifle, 1 Fuel Rod, 3 Splasers, 3 Sentinal Beams, 4 Spikers, 1 Power Drainer, 1 Boobie Sheild, 1 Radar Jammer, Several Spike Grenades, 3 Needler Refills, 2 Carbines, and 4 Sword Refills that respawn instantly. In addition, On top of the UFO are 4 Ghosts, 4 Splasers, and 1 Active Camoflauge. Now, notice how there are only two carbines. This disables the Aliens to turn the game into team SWAT. The carbines respawn at 60 seconds, and you usually forget to grab one before heading out onto the ground to slay the humans. In addition, Alien Aircraft (banshees) are located at the missle silos in the center of the map.

The Humans have a variety of human weapons. I won't list them all, but theres lots of BRs. They have a total of four rocket launchers, two at each base. Two are located where the active camo would normally spawn, the others are at the gated entrance to the bunkers.

A very neat feature is that 30 seconds into the game fusion cores spawn inside the double boxes which initially served as purley ascethic features to the UFO. This means that when you shoot the UFO's main rim with a rocket launcher or missle pod, or banshee missle for that matter, the fusion coils will explode simultaneously and it will appear as if the UFO is exploding. It also tends to knock the spartan lasers off of the top of the UFO, sending them down for the humans to utilize.

Another great feature, which is not seen in the screenshots, is the Gravity lifts which take you up to the UFO. The hole which i initially had as a Hole for shooting people with the splaser was redesigned as a giant alien abduction thingy. Step near the ground grav lift and the other grav lifts will "abduct" you right into the alien space craft. Its quite awesome. Keep in mind the screenshots do not show this.

Outside UFO
Side View of UFO
Inside UFO

Download and Enjoy

GAMETYPE: Alien Invasion.


okay what douche gave me a 1/5.

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  • 04.10.2008 7:15 PM PDT
Subject: Flying Saucer over Standoff (Screenshots)

Hello & Welcome to

Please Mind for Random Retards

I like your use of interlocking pieces to make the ship. Very well made map 5/5

  • 04.11.2008 7:28 AM PDT
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OMG! I loved godzilla and now a giant flying saucer! keeps getting better keep up the gr8 wurk Mrxchow! 5/5

  • 04.11.2008 3:05 PM PDT
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Posted by: TomatoDemon
Hear that?...It's the sound of no one caring.


  • 04.13.2008 3:17 AM PDT
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cool another awesome map a definate download 5/5

  • 04.13.2008 4:33 AM PDT

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