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"Infiltration" by Panzershreke on 04.11.2008
The Close Quarters Combat Training Center has grown and is now the UNSC`s premier training center. -Panzershreke
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Subject: Infiltration, a CI Favorite For All Gametypes

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Infiltration is a multistoried, multiplebased map that was designed with every gametype in mind. I have spent severalk hours tweaking all aaspects of the level in order to create the best possible gameplay. Every gametype has been playtested thoroughly to insure balance and a fun time. I hope you enjoy this map as much as I did making it.

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Infiltration was originally developed for ONI Spec Ops training in urban infiltration situations. The UNSC eventually requisitioned the facility for their top ODST candidates. The course was so effective for training operations that it was recreated on Onyx for the early training of Spartan soldiers. Upon declassification of the Spartan program, soldiers cross-trained in the facility back on Earth, in the city of Voi. When Onyx was no longer available for training, the Voi facility was fully converted for Spartan use. Veterans call this facility Johnson's Revenge amongst themselves.

This is an excellent multi-dimensional map. There are many paths to take when reaching your objective. The game play is generally fast and tight, replicating urban building dynamics very well. The map is symmetrical across the axis separating the bases, and a-symmetrical across the perpendicular axis. Power-ups, equipment, and most of your favorite weapons are all placed well, and easily accessible once familiar with the map. Opposing turrets sight each other across the main ally connecting the two bases. There are lots of places to run, camp, and creep.

This map has had an incredible amount of testing by user created standards. It seems unbreakable, and all pathways work properly (if you think you found a new way through, it was intentional) The author of this map is dedicated to quality game play, and will likely make improvements as they are discovered. Watch this file share for updated versions

Special thanks to all the people who helped this map become what it is now. Geppetto, Htown, and all the rest. You guys rock.

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  • 04.12.2008 12:01 AM PDT
Subject: Your training begins now...

RaTiOnAl AnArChY

Check out the Woodshop!

Woot, bosom!

Really guys, this is a sick map. The layout is excellent, and it plays very well. You have to get used to the layout at first, but once you are familiar, it is fantastic.

Dead serious, this is a must have. By far, this is my favorite user created map that I have played.

  • 04.12.2008 12:13 AM PDT

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I'll try it!

  • 04.12.2008 12:18 PM PDT
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This game is full of win. Love it!

  • 04.12.2008 9:21 PM PDT
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I am downloading right now. By the way, do you think you can check out my map Elysium.

  • 04.14.2008 6:25 PM PDT

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