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"Speed Mountain4" by JBARRON402 on 04.12.2008
Made by JBARRON402 to be used with RACETRACKS
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Subject: Halotracks: Speed Mountain4 (Version2--Uncheatable with Video)
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Speed Mountain4 Racetrack to be used with Racetracks Game Variant: see link below
----compatable with six racers------

Version 2.
Youtube Video: (Does not reflect the new starting area)
Speed Mountain4

Start out by making an immediate left and zoom up the hill fighting for position. Make a U-turn on the bank turn once you get to the top. Speed down to the ramp and go flying through the air to the bottom. Hang a right and follow thin out a little competition before heading into the tunnels. Weave back and forth through the tunnels before emerging out of the other side. Once you exit out of the tunnels make a quick right. Boost over the finish line and hang another right U-Turn to start up the hill again. Plenty of people have raced on this map and things have been critiqued. Everyone who loves racing, loved this map. You can spend countless hours on this thing.

Note: This map was created to be full proof from cheating. I know there is some weird instances that might occur, but this design works 99 percent of the time. You must stay on your mongoose or you cannot score. If you try to walk though the finish, you will not get a lap counted and be brought back to the spawn. It is impossible to sit on the goal area as well. There is no way for you to illegally advance in the track while on your mongoose.(No point to do so without mongoose).
1. Added a new way to start the race. It doesn't allow you to leave the starting point until ten sec. This is similar to the starting method in cliff hanger4 and wall rider.
2. Fixed the problem with certain items not spawning like they should. Everything should spawn right now. The map should be completely sealed.

To help enhance your driving skills and make the race more competitive, I have provided some help:
Hints and Tips:
1. The landing after the big jump can be ruff and flip you if you do not take it right. If you let off the gas (quit pressing up) you generally will stay on your wheels. Also try this if you start getting uneven and are about to flip.
2. In the quick turns, try turning before you get into the turn. If you time it just right you can go through it all without scraping the wall. This saves valuable time. This is wehre I loose the competition.
3. After the finish line boost, take that turn wide and turn a little bit early(not too early). If you do it right, the back of your mongoose will hit the sheild door and boost you up the hill.

Download Racing Variant Here:

Join our group Halotracks Here:

Other Maps Made by Me:
Cliff Hanger4(
Drift Row

Remember, my philosophy, if you didn't like the map then by all means let it die.
ON the other hand, if you liked it, come back and let me know it doesn't suck by bumping and rating this bad boy.

NOTE: Some have liked the new start and others just liked starting the race with the lights. For either case, this one posted here is the new start that lets everyone go at the same time. I have uploaded another version that does not include the new start and goes off honour rules.

Other version: Click Here

[Edited on 05.14.2008 6:35 PM PDT]

  • 04.12.2008 3:17 PM PDT

This is a cool map. Glad you put in the new start. 5/5

  • 04.12.2008 8:54 PM PDT
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This map is the -blam!-. A good map and game to play at a party. People enjoyed it. People were calling dibs on next to play. We played the winner stayed and the other three passed the controller. We played on this one, cliff hanger4, and wall rider.

  • 04.13.2008 7:36 PM PDT

You smell

  • 03.12.2009 12:16 PM PDT


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