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"Jumpout" by Timpski on 04.15.2008
Enough whining about 'missing' jumps! This video shows some new jumps on Blackout that will soon be essential knowedge...
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Subject: 800+ Downloads - Blackout Jumps - YouTube Version!
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Well Blackout's been out less than a day and already there's complaining about every little change made. Most of the complaints seem to be focused on the loss of jumps... particularly off doorways. Though the fact those jumps are missing does suck, there's no reason to lose hope... In this video I show a run-through of a number of jumps that either replace missing Lockout ones, replicate old ones or are new altogether.

Theres a version of this on YouTube here - it's kind of dark, so if you need to really examine a jump I recommend downloading the H3 version. Thanks to Louis Wu for hosting versions over at HBO which allowed me to YouTube this!


A list of jumps included in this video, in order:

Snipe 2 --> Snipe 3 [replicates Lockout version, but harder to pull off]
Elbow --> Lower Catwalk Left [very useful for chaining]
Snipe 1 --> Snipe 3 via Centre [replaces Lockout Snipe 1 --> Snipe 2 --> Snipe 3 hops]
• BR3 --> BR1 [risky... easier to jump toward Sword spawn]
Inside BR1 --> Inside BR2 [new jump for Blackout - thank God, BR1 was always a deathtrap! Note: This jump doesn't work at Sword or Snipe 1 --> Snipe 2]
• BR2/Library Bridge --> Centre [same jump is present on other side of BR2]
• Centre --> BR1 [risky, alternatives are better]
• BR1/2 Ramp --> Lift 1 Ramp [replicates lockout one, easier to do]
• Lift 1 Ramp --> BR1 [replicates Lockout one, easier to do]
BR1/2 Ramp --> Centre [new jump for Blackout, easy]
• A few spots to stand to ambush people... The one at Lift 2 is great, it's impossible to see you up there if you come out of the lift and glance round without deliberately looking up!
• Lift 1 Ramp --> Catwalk Right [this jump is possible, I just suck and I'm not going through the rest again!]

Those in BOLD are the most useful, I think. In addition to these many old Lockout jumps are still in, e.g. Elbow --> Snipe 1/2 Ramp. I left these out because hey, everyone knows about them already... right? [;

These jumps will become essential knowledge for any Halo player on Blackout - whether in Matchmaking or Customs - so get practicing now! If you find the video useful or find any jumps I missed, please post here to help others out; I helped you, after all...


New Jumps - Not in Video!

1. If you are looking at the lift from the top, drop down to the left. Then use the same sort of jump as the "Inside BR1 --> Inside BR2" jump and you can hop right back out again! Good for confusing people. Doesn't work on the right-hand side, for some reason... Unless you 'double-jump' off the tiny ledge to the left when you're jumping out (which is very hard to do) o.o

2. S1 --> S2: I've seen this pulled off in a video, and Endorsed on tells me he can make it, but both were in an MLG TS v4 match. So MLGers, with 110% it looks like it's possible to get yourselves out of the Suicide Room! :D

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  • 04.15.2008 12:06 PM PDT
Subject: Instructional Video: Blackout Jumps - You Need This!
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Sweet jumps man.

  • 04.15.2008 12:41 PM PDT
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ty ty

  • 04.15.2008 12:44 PM PDT
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Well i was locked up for the 1&2 halo so i dont know what iam missing butt getting the edge in anymap is good -blam!-...

  • 04.15.2008 1:18 PM PDT

Its peanut butter jelly time

Look at this film clip

  • 04.15.2008 5:13 PM PDT


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