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Subject: Screenshot Guide For Legendary Map Pack and Filter Guides

Email :

This will be my 1st Guide so Critisism is Appreciated.

This guide will be about How to use The Filters, Where to take shots at certian maps, and added effects.

This will include Avalanche, Ghost Town, and Blackout.


Avalanche Is known for its Rock Room, Ice Room, and Blue Rooms.
For use in The Rock Room or Ice Room You should Use a Juicy and Pen And Ink to get a Fading effect like This that is just a simple thing you can do there. A more advanced Technique is using just a juicy and using big and colorful or a combo of explosions like This, or This. Or you can use one explosion to get something like This or This. Or you can go for a blue room effect by using the Blue room That is right in the middle of the snow and all you do is throw flares and Snowbound Blue Room Teqniques to get something like This or This. But when using these effects you will get much more different things because of filters. But if you are going for something simple yet effective you can use Avalanches Moon or icey backround like This, This, or This and This. Avalanche is also a key spot for taking snow sniper/camo screenshots that also provide a simple yet effective outcome like This and This. The final way of taking screenshots at avalanche that I will State is by using the Holigram things which are located at each Side of the Base. Examples of this: This and This.

If you think I should add anything pm me or post it.

Ghost Town

So pretty much all you do... (or at least this is how i do it). go onto Ghost town (if i were you I'd make your guy black... just a suggestion) and the place down the two color FX: Pen & Ink and Juicy. Once you've done that go into the tunnel area, and place down one of the following; An Overshield (for red), Invisibility (for blue), and Custom Power-up (for gold), in the area where the light is shinning though a hole in the ceiling (well, technically the ground...) once you've done that just get the weapon of choice and walk up and pick it up and then you'll see a dissipation effect. Well go back into the theatre and get your camera right up to the "dissipation" effect and there you go, (don't worry, you'll see it..) Examples: This, and This. Another good way to take advatage of Ghost Town is its Scenery, clouds, and grass. For example if you put a juicy down and had your guy stand above the trees like This and with the right armour choice you get a great screenshot. Also taking advantage of the grass and the blurred nova can make a very good camo pic like This and This. Or if you are going for something really simple camo picture you can take advantage of the trees like you see Here. But if you are also going for something simple that still has a nice bang you 1st find one of the great scenic places at Ghost Town (There are Many) and just throw down an Old Timey or Pen and Ink and you will get something like This.

Still thinking about adding To Ghost Town But need more ideas.

Thanks to TwiZdeD SiN for helping with some idea.

Remember though still need more.


To get This effect, place a juicy and pen and ink effect on blackout, then keep dropping tripmines until the map gets overloaded. then hop in the vent that takes you up. If you did it right, it should be disabled. Then, all you have to do is get in an action pose, no equiptment needed, and when you take the pic, your character looks like that. But that is the only place you should try putting a Pen and Ink Because at most places at Blackout if u use a Pen & Ink you will get a complety white picture. Also on blackout if you use almost any filter with almost any explosion you will come out wil a picture that looks really cool on your screen but when you take the shot the person will be all white or very distorted. Now that we know not to do lets get back on good things again. One simple way to take a good screenshot here is by using the teqnique i stated in the Beginning (overload the map and go inside the grav lift place.) But this time do not use the Pen And Ink. Here you should change your armour color to dark red or dark black to make you Shine. If you want some added touch you should add a gloomy Nova or a Juicy. Example of these: This, This, and This. But once again if you are going for something simple but effective you should use Blackouts Mountians, Aurora, or Moon. When taking them at those places it is always good to use a Blackout Map That is customly made so you can respawn or use a teleporter to get outside of the map for higher elevation and less Building lighting. Also at these spots it is good to use juse a simple juicy and gloomy or just a Juicy. Also it is always good to coordinate your armour to the Aurora. Example Pics: This, This, This, and This.

Thanks to MrChunkyFunk for part of the Guide.

Remember this will be my 1st guide so Critisism.

Also Thank you to anyone that helped provide Screenshots or Part of the guide. Thanks again!


Avalanche Rock Room

Avalanche Blue Room 1

Avalanche Ice Room




And incase you were wondering this pic was in Ice Room.

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Wow, I am inspired. I'm gonna go play some forge now.

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This screenshot 100/5 Bungie favs!
This is the best of the best screenshots!

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Good Job with the Screen shot... and thanks for using my insert...

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really good picture man 5/5

  • 04.30.2008 5:20 PM PDT


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