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"AvP: Aliens" by Lord Vardel on 04.21.2008
A game variant of AvP: Aliens, Monday April 21, 2008 00:55:50
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Subject: AvP: Aliens. An infection variant where zombies are Aliens, with acid!

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I was making an AvP Infection variant. One of the problems is you spawn as a Predator instead of a human, You are invisible and bad ass instead of being prey. So I rethought this formula and created a whole new variant and map to go with it.

Map for this gametype found Here

Description for Game Variant and Map Variant for AvP: Aliens

AvP: Aliens. In this variant you are humans vs Aliens. You are an elite group of soldiers, so you aren't some pushovers who get swarmed in a mall. You have landed here to cleanse the area of the Alien infestation.

You came prepared. You spawn with a BR and a Shotgun. You have quickly set up some defenses. There is also a Flamethrower, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Spartan Laser at your spawn point. But use them carefully, they will NEVER respawn. There are frag grenades and fire bombs as well. As time goes on you set up more defenses. Meaning the map evolves. New barriers appear where there were no barriers before. You also set up bombs(fusion coils) to catch the Aliens off their guard.

If you stick together you may just survive the full 5 minutes. There is also spare ammunition around the map, ammunition left by the humans that were killed by the Aliens that you are cleansing.

At 3 minutes into the game you get minor air support. A carpet bombing takes place near the Aliens spawning area. This also marks your first, and ONLY ammunition supply drop. Near the defense tower a box will drop with ammunition for your BR and Shotty. You will also get another Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle.

But do not fall into a false sense of hope. While the clock ticks away you have set up good defenses, but the sun continues to fall. At 1:30 into the game everything gets dimmer as dusk settles in. A minute later you are covered in complete darkness. Your only chance for survival is to have allies still alive. And the meager light put out by flares and regenerators. Good luck, you will need it.

The Aliens(zombies) have both sword and a plasma pistol to simulate acid.

Should all of your allies fall to the Aliens you will become enraged. Covered in the blood(forced color red) of your fallen friends you become nothing short of a beast. Shrugging off the acid(high damage resistance) and destroying everything that comes at you. Your accuracy becomes better, hitting vital body parts(damage increase). It will take everything the aliens have to take you out.

Some things to note: There turrets that appear on the map DO NOT respawn. So sometimes pulling them off the stand isn't the best thing to do. Aliens move faster and jump higher than humans. This is best played with more than 12 people. The last man standing also becomes so battle aware that he has enhanced radar, meaning he can see you on motion tracker rather you are moving or not. Even if you are crouch walking.

Here are some pics:

Defense Tower with turret

Outside of hall before defenses

Outside of hall at dusk and after defenses

Inside of hall, daytime



Nightfall with added turret

Carpet bombing

Hallway in darkness, with Alien

Use flares to see

The screenshots give only a small look into the way the map feels. The defenses popping up over time keep the Aliens(zombies) on their toes and forcing them into certain routes. But as day turns to dusk, and dusk to night things get a lot harder for the humans.

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  • 04.21.2008 1:06 AM PDT
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Not a fan of this type of thing but that sounds impressive enough to overcome by doubts and download it

  • 04.21.2008 4:56 AM PDT

Nice job man it rly looks awsome!! 5/5!! Downloaded..!!

  • 04.21.2008 2:24 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Love It. Me And My Friends Play It All The Time. Make More Maps Soon Plz!!! Love Em.

  • 10.22.2008 12:43 PM PDT

U need a driver, I'm ur man! 320+ WHEELMANS FTW!!!


This map is awsome! However i recomend it for large groups of people. Tried with 3 people it was too easy for the Last man standing.

  • 10.28.2008 2:33 PM PDT

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