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"Metronome" by VICIOUS VICE on 04.23.2008
A device used to mark time by means of recurring ticks or flashes at adjustable intervals. 4-10 players TS/KOTH/CTF/Bomb/Odd
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Metronome - All gametypes [Forgehub] [500+ Downloads] [+PICS]

Here is Metronome Enjoy
"That awful din"
FOR MORE PICS > Forgehub Thread

The inspiration for the map came from current MLG maps and other highly competitive maps. I wanted to make an arena that maintained the feel of a MLG map with the larger weapon variety of a default map. Great care was taken in making sure the design is well balanced and players are able to jump/move around the map quickly. Most importantly, I wanted it to look & play differently than the bland & repetitive nature of MLG.

The Blue and Red Bases extend the entirety of each side and are filled with weapons. Linking these main bases with the upper fan rooms are the Blue and Red Islands.
The massive center structure known as the metronome (or white base) towers over the majority of the map with the exception of the two fan rooms. The upper rooms are both connected through man-cannons making them both high points of interest and leads to many explosive confrontations. Finally the Green base, the only structure that directly links the Red and Blue base.

At a battle’s fiercest the repetitive sound of the man-cannons mixed with sniper fire will begin to overwhelm players and the map’s namesake will become more apparent.
Preferred Gametypes:
Slayer (BR start not required :P)
Oddball (PLAY BALL!)
KOTH (5 hills)
Team Slayer (the best)
Team KOTH (random hill movement)
Neutral Bomb (personal favorite - 5 second disarm)
Multi-Flag CTF (5 second return/flag at home to score)
6xBattle Rifles (30 seconds - 2 Clip)
2xSMGs (30 seconds - 2 Clips)
2xSniper Rifles (120 seconds – 0 Clip)
1xRocket Launcher (180 seconds - 0 Clip)
4xCovenant Carbines (60 seconds - 2 Clips)
2xNeedlers (60 seconds - 2 Clips)
2xEnergy Rifles (60 seconds)
1xPlasma Pistol (60 seconds)
2xMaulers (120 seconds - 1 Clip)
2xSpikers (45 seconds – 2 Clips)
6xFrag Grenades (10 seconds)
8xPlasma Grenades (30 seconds)
2xSpike Grenades (30 seconds)
1xPower Drainer (120 seconds)
1xBubble Shield (120 seconds)

I’d like to thank the Forgehub Community for making all the excellent maps that have inspired me. Bonus Points if you know where “that awful din” is from.

Special Thanks to everyone who tested this map.

FOR MORE PICS > Forgehub Thread

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  • 04.23.2008 9:22 PM PDT
Subject: Metronome - All gametypes-Well Designed-Lots of Cover

i too used the outer ring of Onslaught for a map! haha

but this is nothing like Onslaught... its pretty cool. ill have to get some friends to play it.

check out and comment my maps if you will.


  • 04.23.2008 9:42 PM PDT
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Destiny awaits. And it will be great.

Looks great! Very informative ForgeHub post, and great screens.

  • 04.23.2008 9:50 PM PDT
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This map is a blast to play on, in both team games and ffa. the map has a very fast paced feel to it, and is incredibly balanced. I helped vicious design this map and it was great fun working on, and playtesting. Hope everyone gives this map a look, its definitely worth your time.

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  • 04.24.2008 8:06 PM PDT

Metronome placed as a Runner Up in GameFAQs map creation competition, beaten only by the incredible Habitat Beta

Metronome is well worth DLing and playing!

  • 04.26.2008 2:46 AM PDT


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