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"Machu Picchu v3" by LIGHTSOUT225 on 04.24.2008
UNSC training facility inspired by the ancient Incan civilization Machu Picchu. 1 Flag, 1 Bomb, FFA, Team Slayer. 6-8 warriors
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Subject: Machu Picchu v3 - ForgeHub Featured! 2000+ DLs

Map Name: Machu Picchu (pronounced ma-chew peek-chew)
w/ even more updates for more balanced gameplay


Influence: The ancient Incan ruins or Machu Picchu in Peru.
# Players: 6-8 (10 can work for Team slayer, but not really any of the other gametypes)
Suggested Gametypes: 1 Flag, 1 Bomb, Team Slayer

FORGE HUB FEATURED MAP! please visit that thread for more details about the map and embedded pics.

weapon/equipment list.

Link to Version 1 thread
Link to Version 2 thread

V2 Changes:
-Adjusted respawn times of the turret and sentinel beam
-Flipped spawns of a BR and a Carbine on the Temple face to influence more movement and an even quicker pace.
-Patched a hole in a corner of the map that allowed access outside the map (most didn't even realize it was there to begin with)
-Added a bit more geometry to the Attack base.
-Added a few more spawn points
-Gift from the Gods: The regenerator located at the Idol is no longer held by a weapon holder, and free-falls from the Idol to the grounds (once a minute)
-Moved the Beam Rifle to a more accessible location (I found it wasn't really being used too much because people forgot it was there).

V3 Changes:
-Added an extra starting spawn point for both teams
-Moved some Defensive starting points to the outer face of the temple, as opposed to all 5 being inside
-Moved Attacking starting points and flag return & spawn points up the stairs to the back of the wall of the Attack base
-Moved Beam Rifle (again) to an even more noticeable/accessible location
-Moved Flare to where the Beam Rifle was: on top of the tele box next to the flag spawn. the flare was never really used at all because it was a bit hidden before, but works wonders combined with the Beam Rifle from the top of the temple.
-Moved a Defensive flag away respawn area to the outer-left side of the temple

Here is a photo of the real Machu Picchu in Peru, just to give you an idea of what it actually looks like, and how truly amazing it is.

Here's another shot that just captivated me. Its sideways, can you see the face?

Here is an overhead 3-D diagram of what the actual Machu Picchu looks like.
I used this diagram as a loose blueprint for the Defensive Temple. The large indentions (where the diagram is skinnier) are where i put the main entrances to the Temple. I turned the right portion of the diagram downwards 90 degrees to make the elbow. And by coincidence, the Custom Power-up drop box is eerily in the same location as a similar structure in the upper right-center of the diagram. Obviously, due to both resource and space constraints I had to scale down, but you can see the similarities.

Map Screenshots below description.

An asymmetrical map designed primarily with one-sided objective games in mind. The trademark feature of Machu Picchu is the large Idol located in the center of the courtyard (detailed in the screenshots).
The large Defensive base has 5 entrances, and 4 exits. It is modeled after an Incan temple and scales 4 stories. Most maps with 4 stories aren’t effective due to the lack of the ability to jump cleanly on the top level. However, since the entire temple structure is interlocked, you can jump perfectly from any level. I’ve used walls and wall corners interlocked about 90% into the box fronts at angles creating stairs to the upper levels. I did this to save space on the walkways, and it works surprisingly well, and give you the feeling of actually climbing the temple. The wall ledges leading up from the ground level to level 2 you have to jump onto, as they are raised a bit off the ground. But all ledges on the upper levels flow smoothly from level to level. The Defensive base has 3 sets of teleporters, explained in the screenshots below. Inside the temple, the shape (lengthy and narrow) offers an exciting combination of close and mid-range battles.
The Attacking base is smaller, and a bit more basic. It features a turret which comes in very handy when the battle has shifted into the courtyard, and is a good support weapon against players in the distance on the temple. The Attacking base has one teleporter connection that leads towards the temple, by the stairs.
Each base also features a Custom Power-up and a pair of Firebombs. All respawn every 2 minutes, and with the custom game variants I have created, they offer the possessor temporary powers of the Incan Gods. They are a force to be reckoned with, and can potentially change the course of the game. Power-up detailed below.
Machu Picchu works best with One-Flag. Getting the flag out of the temple is only a small challenge compared to making it across the courtyard alive. Lengthy, back-and-forth battles tend to take place here later in the rounds.

The Idol, located at the center of the map, splitting the two bases
Pray to the Incan Gods, and they shall grant you new life, sometimes

Views of Defensive Temple from the outside, sweeping from left to right.
Back left side
Top left looking right
Right side & Elbow

More of the Temple, Elbow
Front of the Elbow
View of right side from Elbow

Inside the Defensive Temple
From right to left
opposite angle (left 2-way tele takes you to the front side of the Temple, next to the Power-up)
This sender & receiver connect
Beam Rifle above the flag spawn (most easily attainable by shooting the fusion coil on instant respawn)

Views of the Attacking Base
From the left side of the Temple
From the Elbow
View inside the base (Sender node connects to receiver node on the Elbow)
From Attacking Base to left side of the Temple

Action Shots
Needler action
Courtyard chaos
A fiery flag attack
Me doin work.

Incan Capture (1-Flag) Trademark Gametype
Incan Ignite (1-Bomb)
Team Inca (TS)

I realize no one is going to DL all 4 gametypes, but they are there for whoever wants them.
However, I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you DL Incan Capture at the very least, as it is the map's trademark gametype and works best.

Gametype Notes:
Objective games have 3 minute rounds, with a 30 second sudden death.
Custom Power-up: 110% speed, 75% gravity (helps you scale the temple much quicker), 110% damage resistance, overshield, 125% damage modifier, and unlimited ammo for 10 seconds. Remember, Incan God.

Forger’s Note: This one took me almost 2 full weeks to produce, probably close to 20 hours of work. I hope you enjoy it, and I strongly recommend downloading at least Incan Capture. Like I said it is the map’s trademark gametype, and the power-ups don’t have too much of a point or affect on the game with just the speed boost.

As always, constructive criticism is always appreciated, as all feedback helps greatly.

Thanks to all those who helped me test. Your feedback helped me fix a couple bugs i wouldnt have seen without you guys and it really helped polish her up beautifully.

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  • 04.24.2008 6:03 PM PDT
Subject: Machu Picchu v3.1 - Asymmetrical Incan Temple! 390+DLs

Cobra Ops; RM, E; LFC; Ashler, David J.
My Fileshare

The map's name was enough to hook me (I love Inca, Aztc and Maya history, and european medieval warfare), but this is a wall of text that I actually enjoyed climbing.

  • 04.24.2008 6:21 PM PDT
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NICE!!! I was just there last summer its so amazing! Have you ever gone there? It is great I broke off from the tour group and found a whole system of tunnels under the main structure. I later found out they were burial chambers it was very scary. Anyways nice map I will download as soon as possible (I'm all qued). It looks great. Nice interlocking, it really looks like a mountain, and I can see the resemblance, especially the shelves. They were built because the Incas didn't have enough flat land to farm on.

Download this map everyone, its awesome!!!

Oh, by the way you might want to change the post. It is Machu Picchu, and you pronounce it MA-chew PEEK-chu. You pronounce it peek-chu, because Machu Picchu means "Old Mountain". If you say Machu Pichu, that means Old Pen1s. Haha so many people make that mistake our guide told us not to. So remember, pronounce the second C.

Your friend,
Chill (GT= ikilledkenny8)

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I saw your post on FH. Very nice. I just downloaded and will give it a forgethrough tonight. -- Revelation Six

  • 05.07.2008 4:22 PM PDT
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  • 05.08.2008 10:04 AM PDT

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