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"SplinterCell1.1" by BlackCossack on 04.25.2008
Created by BlackCossack and Chazzinator93. 4-10 player. Play on Guardian. ENJOY
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It took Jesus 3 days to spawn, even CoD 4 doesn't lag that bad!!!

-{ N.London }-

[h3shot]Splinter Cell Assasination[/h3shot]

Splinter Cell v 1.1 (v 1 had over 900 DLs)

2 Teams, 1st team is invisable with slightly increased spead and reduced gravity, enhanced motion sensors and wield plasma pistols
2nd team is invounrable, normal speed and gravity, no motion sensors and wield human pistols with infinate amo.

The 1st team must assasianat the players on the 2nd team while they defend themself with a flurry of bullets and squint into the shadows. One life per round and the teams switch each round. Most kills at the end win.

Extreamly fun and so far by far most enjoyable on Guardian although lockout isn't bad. No honour rules needed and simple to pick up and play.

GameVee gameplay video (this is unedited and unstyaged gameplay. It will give you a real ideal of how the gametype plays. I will edit it to form a proper video when i have time)

Created by BlackCossack (me) and Chazzinator93 (my mate)
ENJOY- any feedback, comments ext aprricitaed

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  • 04.25.2008 4:48 AM PDT
Subject: Splinter Cell v 1.1 A stealth based fun game. no hon rules
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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not shoot, the courage to shoot the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies.

Definitely love the idea! Now that i have a game type, I'll try and post some maps for this using some gloomy and juicy FX.

  • 04.25.2008 8:37 AM PDT

-I go so fast, mother nature is like "slow down!" and I'm like "-blam!- you!" and kick her in the face with my ENERGY LEGS!!!
-Like custom games, join the Universal Gametypes Group, where all games are for all maps.
-I am lawless and stealthy, I live by the sword and above the law. I am a pirateninja.

hey this sounds like a good game. Someone from the UGG will probably message you, but here is a link anyway. We are about good custom games that do not require a forge map. This forum is filled with them.

  • 04.28.2008 1:25 PM PDT
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I've played quite a lot of this and it's very fun.

  • 10.07.2008 9:38 AM PDT

"Blood is a Passion".

Made some changes. Made Spies have a magnum now instead of plasma pistol, and made Mercs have a Assault rifle instead (so its more like the Splinter Cell game).
Mercs no longer are invulnerable, changed their health to %300 and gave them headshot immunity, so its possible to die from magnum fire though it takes ages, and it would reveal a spies location (invisibility turns off temporarily when you shoot so its still preferable for a spy to assassinate).
Changed it so that Mercs don't kill 1 shot but due to the fact that they have so much health and a better gun they would most likely win in a firefight regardless.
These changes make the modification better I think, and gives the Spy a chance to win if the Merc refuses to move away from the corner hes planted himself in. It gives more variety to the game, a Spies can still shoot a Merc to death if they outnumber him by atleast 3 to 1 or shoot him from a distance forcing him to run after you so you can get a team mate to assassinate him, and a Merc can't kill you by mistake by firing randomly... so its overall more fair for Spies and anti-camping.

check it out. ileid=122936071

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