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"Station 9" by OcR GimpTactics on 05.04.2008
They wait for you here in this cold, dark place. 5+ players.
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Subject: Station 9


Use with Infiltration gametype.

Attacker's brief:

"Intelligence reports that a rogue agency plans to use a new technology to superheat the polar icecaps and flood the planet. The enemy is currently stationed, with their superweapon, on an abandoned weather station 50 miles from the ice shelves of Arctica.

"Our surveillance has identified a weak spot at the base of the weather station that, with the application of explosives, will take down the structure and consign the weapon to the depths of the ocean. Get onto the structure, get to the weakspot and plant the explosives. Surveillance shows two routes to the weak spot; across the central platform then down the air vent by the chimney stack, or directly through the enemy's command structure and around.

"While quicker, the top route will require you to move faster to make the jump to the chimney stack and also leaves you exposed to an eagle eyed sniper's fire. The lower route will allow you to stay off radar completely but will take longer and into the close proximity of the enemy.

"You'll be going in alone to improve your chances of evading notice. We've equipped your suit with an enhanced proximity radar and an active camoflage system. We have reason to suspect that the enemy has a wide area passive intruder system so move slowly and carefully. Drop the bomb, move too quickly, or engage in combat and your position will be given away immediately so be careful."

Defender's brief:

"John's just checked in from the eastern tower. He's reported the wake of a small boat in the sea below and we suspect they're sending a black-ops team or agent to stop us. Be on the lookout and if you see any one then don't ask questions; shoot first and shoot to kill."

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  • 05.04.2008 6:27 PM PDT

My name is niceboy117, and yes I did just say niceboy, and yes 117. It might seem like obsession, but Halo is awsome, am I right, but 117 happens to be my favoite number or any number that has a combonation of 1s and 7s.

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Ocr strikes back the saga!

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