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"The Ark" by SharpeWolfe on 05.07.2008
How the Forerunner created such a vast and complex structure will likely remain forever unknown.
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  • Map: The Ark
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Subject: The Ark

It's not about the road to Recon It's the friends you meet along the way.

seriosly i liked it when bungie picked em now it stinks

  • 05.27.2008 1:12 PM PST
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PST

Although I respect your opinoins and work for this pic, I don't really like it and I should'nt be on bungie favorites. Its kinda boring and there are many other pics that deserve the favorites more. Its nothing personal but all the bungie favorites have been kinda bad lately. 2/5

  • 05.27.2008 1:15 PM PST

Being a leader comes with a reasonable price. You're expected to Lead those around you to victory, bring them home safely, or, as in most cases, a combination of the two. You must be fearless, yet cautious, and must always keep a level head even in the most dangerous of situations. Name's War. Welcome to the team.


  • 05.27.2008 1:15 PM PST
Subject: Why has this made the Favorites when 95% of the posters think it su...

-_-_-]]-[[ //-\\ ||_ ((_)) -_-_-

(\(\( ;; )/)/) <-- "is there a spider on my head?"

Posted by: R3VOLUTION9
Posted by: DonYoshi
Let us think this over for a minute. It is a picture of a structure in the sky. It is not beautiful. I thought exposure to hazardous material like this for too long would kill you. Now that it's in the Favorites, this eyesore will populate everyone's File Shares to spread it around and make things even worse.
You want to make something beautiful? Go into machinima. Make a movie and spread it all around so the people who aren't morons may mark it into the annals of epic FAIL.
This picture and all other "scenery" pictures like it are pointless. The aforementioned pictures (also in favorites, to my discontent) shall all be known in my eyes as: "The Fluke Heard `Round the Favorites."
Please do not make our eyes bleed again. It took weeks to get it off of my favorite controller.

Why? explain to me in detail why are scenery pictures pointless and other ones are not?

YOU are pointless.

  • 05.27.2008 2:30 PM PST
Subject: The Ark
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wow MY FILE SHER RAPES THIS PICTURE AND THE PICS THAT SAY iSkullyKing11 is my old name so hope u guys like

  • 05.27.2008 2:47 PM PST


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