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"Teamwerks Arena" by Cosmic Rick on 05.08.2008
Test your team's cooperation skills in the arena. 6-12 players. By Cosmic Rick.
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Subject: Teamwerks Arena: An Intense Cooperative Experience

alexhughson IS Cosmic Rick.

***This is the map for the Teamwerks Minigame. Download the Gametype HERE. You need both the gametype and map***

Click HERE to view the ForgeHub post for this map/gametype.


Download Teamwerks Arena
Download Noob Arena Gametype
Works best for 6-10 players

Welcome to the Teamwerks arena, where your communication, plasma pistol, battle rifle, and all-round teamwork skills will be tested. This is a simple and frenetic game which you can play as casually or competitively as you want. Essentially, one person plays as the 'BR guy' and the rest play as plasma pistol wielding pit-monkeys. Here are the rules you need to know about:

The BR guy: He's invincible. Don't bother shooting at him.

Beatdowns and assassinations: They aren't a smart thing to do. You'll lose two points every time you kill somebody with your fists.

Teamwork Kills: The best way to kill your enemies is to charge-shot them and then have the BR guy knock them out with a head-shot (he doesn't do enough damage to do it on his own).

Plasma Grenades: If you manage to kill somebody with a grenade stick, you'll earn 7 points. It's tricky, though, due to those darn overshields.

Shield Vampirism: Everyone on the field has strong shield vampirism. If you find yourself without a shield, you'll need to punch of plasma-pistol the bad guys to get it back. play around to see what keeps you alive longest.

The best way to walk you through this game, though, is in pictures, so here we go...

The first thing your team will see is this set of teleporters. You'll need to decide who's going to be the BR user on your team. Only one person may go through the center portal. Once there, he'll have to destory a pallet and proceed through the portal in front of him. This will lead him to the BR box.

BR Box
The BR box has a number of goodies within it. The most important thing is a custom powerup which makes you invincible. Next, there's your BR, and finally, a power drainer.

Clear Arena
The rest of the team will move through the side portals down to the arena, seen below. Note that the man-cannons can and should be utilized to make you difficult to hit.

Grenade Holders
There are four grenades on the map. Each is next to a shiny teleporter node. If you can manage to discharge your opponents' shields and then stick them with a plasma (before your BR guy kills him), you'll net your team 7 points, as illustrated below.

Make sure the shields are down, and throw away!

7 Points!
It's difficult, but totally worth it.

Another update from the old version is that you can now duel-wield plasma pistols. It helps, particularly when you're trying to steal your enemies' shields back to save your own skin.

Watch out for power drainers. Period.

The perfect solution to a rogue power drainer is a regenerator. Luckily, you have access to one. There's a cage floating above the arena filled with fusion coils. Simply have your BR guy shoot them and a regenerator will be thrown into the center of the arena. Make sure you gab it before the other team does.

Download Teamwerks Arena
Download Noob Arena Gametype

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  • 05.08.2008 7:39 PM PDT
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One of the best map ideas I've seen in a while. Good job it's fun as hell.

  • 05.08.2008 7:59 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

Great Map, Cosmic! More people need to respond here as well as FH!

  • 05.09.2008 9:04 PM PDT

Cool map Cosmic, I DLed it and had 2 hours of action-packed fun. Great job.

  • 05.12.2008 9:23 PM PDT

Seraph/Webmaster @

Creator of Eighty Grit

Freakin' beautiful Cosmic. Teamwerks has got to be one of my favorite custom games.

  • 05.13.2008 1:25 PM PDT


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