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"MBT Combat Ring" by Revelation Six on 05.18.2008
Created by Revelation Six / John Anderson. Made for Mjolnir Battle Tactics.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: MBT Combat Ring v.2
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Author: Revelation Six
Compatibility: All Gametypes
Sponsor: Mjolnir Battle Tactics Forging Division
Forgehub: Will link soon


Version 2 corrects a couple of problems. First, attempting to get out of the map in the old version simply boosted you back into the arena. The problem is that a well placed 'nade jump was enough to boost you over the wall. I have limited this by changing the teleporter output resulting in an instant death. Thanks to TwoSaltyNuts (Tunnel Rats) for helping with this change. In addition, I have placed two grav lifts near the teleporter wall making it more difficult to 'nade jump over the wall. Lastly, I deleted most items on the other side of the wall making it pointless to even try boosting over the wall.

The sword spawn has been modified so that only one will appear on the map at any given time.

King of the Hill has been corrected so that the grav lift and the hill marker no longer interfere with each other.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

There are three tiers to this multi-level arena map. I created this map to look aesthetically pleasing. The bottom ring has access points to the north, east, south and west. It is accented by a series of stone pillars surrounding a gravity lift in the center. Looking up you'll see a wide opening to the middle ring covered in a carefully arranged configuration of shield doors. You'll note that this arrangement is very similar to my popular Stargate maps.

The middle ring is wide open, accented by the circular arrangement of shield doors providing access to the bottom ring. The bridges used to construct this floor were arranged in such a way that they form a symmetrical star. This middle ring can be accessed by a series of staircases from the perimeter of the arena. In addition, there is an elevated ring halfway between the middle and top levels providing the only real cover available on the entire map.

The top ring is a narrow interlocked configuration of fence walls. It is accented by stone pillars arranged in a circle along the outside perimeter of the ring. In the center of the top ring is a floating overshield that responds every 90 seconds.

The map is separated from the original Foundry bases by a well designed wall. In order to prevent access to this restricted area, the wall is topped by a series of horizontal teleporters that, when touched, result in an instant death.

Anyway, enough of the talk. Let's look at some pictures:

Overview Close

Overview Wide

Middle Ring Action

Middle Ring Action

Middle Ring Action

Bottom Ring

Bottom Ring Action

So I hope you like the map. I'd love to hear some comments and critiques. Thanks and happy gaming. -- John

P.S., if you're going to rate the map negatively, as someone already has, please do so after you've downloaded and played the map. I would never rate someone's map negatively unless I'd actually played the map.

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  • 05.19.2008 7:28 AM PDT
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give us some screenshots

  • 11.26.2008 2:13 PM PDT

The interlocking in the center is very good. I don't like the weapon placement, though- one power weapon at every entrance with 30 seconds respawn and 2 spare clips is just waaaay too much. There's also not enough BRs. In short, the geometry is neat, but I dislike the weapon placement.

  • 11.27.2008 2:00 PM PDT
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I Agree With The Critic On The Weapon Placement

  • 12.02.2008 9:10 AM PDT

-A forger who loves forging in Foundry

-Zeus 154

I've haven't seen map so neat in the Geometry but rearrange the weapon setup...Thank you for reading this.

- A forger person
Zeus 154

  • 08.16.2009 4:07 AM PDT


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