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"Sideliner v2" by FoMan123 on 05.19.2008
Teams battle from afar, one with vehicles, the other with anti-vehicle weapons. Use with gametype "Gauntlet" and 6-12 players.
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Subject: Sideliner -- A New Type of CTF That You Haven't Seen Before!
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Posted by: DEATHPIMP72
Anyone but Foman. He smells like cheese.



Based on: Avalanche Canvas

Gametypes: This map is designed to be played using the modified 1-Flag CTF gametype Gauntlet, which has been customized for Sideliner.

Players: Works best with large parties, but is designed for anywhere from 6-16 players.

Authors: Foman123, all by his lonesome

Story Overview:
This Spartan training ground was designed to serve a dual purpose: first, to hone Spartans' skills with long-distance and anti-vehicle weapons; and second, to combine vehicle driving skills with strong team tactics.

A modification to the popular training field "Avalanche," trainees and instructors quickly nicknamed this permutation "Sideliner," which was a dual play-on-words giving tribute to a previous version of Avalanche named "Sidewinder," as well a clever description of the nature of the training exercise itself.

Training exercises on Sideliner became so popular that Sideliner assignments became a form of reward, as Spartans got the chance to use their favorite power weapons, drive their favorite ground-based vehicles, and kill each other with maximum explosive force.

Detailed Map Description:


This is a one-flag capture-the-flag game that you have never seen before. It is unique in that the two teams of players will never have direct contact. No melees, no close-range kills, no face-to-face contact of any sort. Instead, the offense attempts to capture the flag using vehicles, cunning, and strategy, while the defense tries to stop them from the "sidelines" (one reason for the map's name) using long-range power weapons.


The offense begins on the left-side base (if you are looking out towards the ocean). The flag is located in the right-side base. With the middle passageway blocked off, the offense must travel the long way around the map to reach the flag, which is in an undefended and protected area of the base.

To get there, the offense has at its disposal two Warthogs, two Ghosts, and eight Mongooses that are set on instant respawn if destroyed. Two bubble shields are also available at the base. Default starting weapons are rockets (infinite ammunition) and battle rifle secondary (infinite ammunition).

Simple enough, right? But that's where the defense comes in.


Using two platforms suspended high in midair over the ocean, the defense has an array of anti-vehicle and long-range weapons and equipment at its disposal, and will need all of it to stop the offensive onslaught.

Platform One faces the flag (the right side when looking out toward the ocean), and is the larger platform, containing more weapons and better cover from enemy rockets. Platform One is accessible via two teleporters from the defense's game-start spawn location and from Platform Two. On Platform One, defenders will find a quick-respawning trip mine (that can be adequately launched into enemy vehicle paths using jump techniques), two spartan lasers, and two snipers.

Platform Two faces the enemy base (the left side when looking out toward the ocean). The enemy base is well-covered by obstacles to prevent spawn kills). Platform Two, accessible via one teleporter from Platform One, contains less cover, better visibility to the enemy base, one missile pod, one trip mine, and one sniper rifle.

The platforms and teleporters are situated such that nobody on offense can reach the defensive bases, and nobody on defense can reach the offensive bases. All kills are made long-range.


* Playtests have shown this map and gametype to be fast-paced with lots of kills and deaths, but strategic at the same time. Average player lifespan is long enough to prevent frustration (especially since spawn killing is eliminated), but the action is constant and exciting.

* The map is well-balanced, although it may take extensive team coordination to capture the flag against a well-organized defense. The better team, however, has the better chance of winning and little is left to chance.

* Players on offense should use all obstacles on the map to avoid being killed. Ironically, the closer you are to the defense, the harder it is for them to see you.

* Offense should make good use of "swarming" techniques with vehicles, as well as designating one person to be an "agitator" to bombard the defense with rockets or vehicle-mounted weapons.

* Players on defense should strive to use the lasers and missile pod against vehicles while using the sniper rifle against players trying to sneak into the base on foot.

* Don't forget about the equipment (trip mines and bubble shields).


Further comments/criticisms will be placed here. Please feel free to ask questions/give feedback.

Enjoy, and good luck!

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  • 05.20.2008 3:14 PM PST
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this looks and sounds amazing! i have to wait to play it though because i have to get my xbox hooked and right now my rooms torn apart.:(

  • 05.20.2008 3:20 PM PST

Posted by: Reiginko
ninjas don't sleep, they


In the download queue... sadly I won't have feedback until the weekend though. From the looks of it I'm eager to play, however. :-)

  • 05.20.2008 6:11 PM PST

This looks pretty nice 5/5 haha not very original name tho, sidewinder-> sideliner

good map tho

Will you give me your opinion on my map?

You should add some in game screenshots of vehicles blowing up and ppl getting owned!

Peters Castle

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  • 05.20.2008 6:21 PM PST
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Looks great can't wait to play it.

  • 05.20.2008 6:22 PM PST


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