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"Egypt v3" by The Gods Devil on 05.21.2008
Archaeologist found 2 temples and opend the grave. The mummy inside wants revenge for this.
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Subject: Egypt V3 - The mummy will return out of his death (350+ downloads)

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Egypt V3

Download Gamemode Pharaoh's curse or Hide and Seek

Forgehub Post


Archeologists found 2 new pyramids. The pyramids came free after a big sandstorm pulled over Egypt. The archeologists got dropped with 2 containers full of equipment to investigate the pyramids. When they found an intact sarcophagus with an mummy they thought they found something very rare. But after some time the guy that opened the sarcophagus got sick and died in a very mysterious way. The day after his dead the body was gone. But then they hear some noise coming out of the wall behind them... what will it be... rats... the wind... zombies... mummy’s...

Weapons on map

~ 6x Assault Rifle
~ 8x Battle Rifle
~ 1x Shotgun
~ 1x Sniper Rifle
~ 1x SMG
~ 1x Brute Shot
~ 1x Rocket Launcher

Equipment on map

~ 8x Frag grenade
~ 6x Plasma grenade
~ 1x Power drain
~ 2x Regenerator
~ 1x Overshield
~ 1x Active camo

Vehicles on map

~ 1x Mongoose

Human traits

~ No shields
~ Starting weapon: SMG
~ 100% Damage
~ Forced color: Gold
~ 25m normal radar

Alpha zombie traits

~ No shields
~ 300% health
~ Starting weapon: Sword
~ Instant Kill
~ Forced color: Black
~ 75m Allies only radar
~ Immune to headshots
~ 110% Movement

Zombie traits

~ No shields
~ 100% health
~ Starting weapon: Sword
~ Instant Kill
~ Forced color: Brown
~ 75m Allies only radar
~ Immune to headshots
~ 150% Movement


Egypt V3 video


Overview from the front
Overview from the back
Overview left pyramid
Overview right pyramid
Overview left pyramid inside
Overview right pyramid inside
Left Obelisk
right Obelisk
Zombie spawn
Human spawn

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some comments:

Posted by: Bloodredninja
Community Reviewer: BloodRedNinja
Map Review-

Description: 5/5
Pictures: 5/5
Map Idea: 4/5
Map Quality {layout}: 4/5
Map Quality {looks}: 4.8/5

Comments: ok, so first off i must say the maps use of the interlocking glitch is incredible, the only problem i had was a shield was poking out of a wall. the pyramids are well made, if a tad small. the sarcofigus is really well made (althjough i did not expect a rocket launcher when opening a mummys coffin!) its a decent slayer map, but best with the infection gametype.

Overall: 4.5/5

Want another map reviewed? Want to become a reviewer? Message me.

[Edited on 06.16.2008 4:05 AM PDT]

  • 05.21.2008 7:40 AM PDT
Subject: Egypt V3 - The mummy will return out of his death
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dude, looks great. i will download tomorrow when i can free some space. 5/5 for map and pic, great!

  • 05.21.2008 1:07 PM PDT

Though our hearts may fail, though our bodies may decay, our souls live on.
. . .

Looks like a great map, and seems like it would be fun to play. Let's hope we can get some publicity on this one.

  • 05.21.2008 1:18 PM PDT
Subject: Egypt V3 - The mummy will return out of his death (with youtube video)

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sick place dude 5/5 :D

  • 05.21.2008 7:57 PM PDT

I'm very proud to be a Christian gamer, and, even though I am young, I like wrapping my mind around things and looking at them from fresh perspectives, discussing them with others, and sharing opinions. Feel free to P.M. me any time.

Very clever Idea. I'll definately DL this and the gametype, and try to get my blabbing, stubborn friends to play it. =D

  • 05.21.2008 8:05 PM PDT

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