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"Cliff Hanger" by JBARRON402 on 05.23.2008
Made by JBARRON402. A smooth interlocked track.
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Subject: Halotracks: Cliff Hanger as seen on Bungie
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Cliff Hanger4 (made to be uncheatable)
----Compatable with up to six racers------

Revised Version 2:
This is the second version as I promised. The first version had 185 DLs in three dayThiss, 11 ratings 5/5. I hoping this one will top that for you guys.

This post was for Bungie Faves. The original post had 53 ratings 5/5.

Use with Racetracks Game Variant (See link Below)
============================================================= ===========
You Tube Video (Does not reflect revisions from second version)

A shorter track than most, but still very entertaining and fun to play on. This track includes an amazing 180 banked turn that leads directly into a longer banked turn. The track is double wide which is fun by yourself or with multiple racers. The bank turns make this racetrack a little more challenging than most as you fight the angle of the racetrack. This makes for some exciting racing action. When you start out, you fight for postion before you heading into the ramp. This gives you the opportunity to run your opponent head on into the wall. This map was also designed for the racetracks game variant.

Changes from version 1:
1. Added a new starting system similar to the one used in wall rider that allows all players to start at the same time. It takes ten sec to let you go, so better get on your mongoose in time.
2. I smotthed out most of the rough spots that were noticed. Including the entrance to the 180 banked turn, the beginning of the bottom banked turn, etc.(explained later)
3. I eliminated the gap between the wall and the stairs on the first ramp by merging another stair case in and merging a another fence box. This also extended the width.
4. I changed to the finish line where it has no debis after you exit the bottom banked turn. The teleporters are now turned sideways. It is still uncheatable.
5. Misc: Fixed a few thing visually, added a teleporter on top of one of the boxes in case of the rare chance you flip at the top and fall off through the sheild door. This will take you back up to your mongoose.

Revisions: (didn't call it version 3 because nothing major was changed.
1. Fixed Box after the finish line where you cannot get stuck. This was very rare, but wanted it make it where it couldn't happen at all.
2. Angled the shield doors after the first ramp to assist you a little better.
3. Fixed the teleporter that takes you back to the top if you fall off. It spawned you in the air on one of them and you just fell back down.
4. Deleted the roadblocks because of complaints that they would flip you.

Note: I was unable to extend the track because of the resources I used up making this. I did experiment with a little something, but I did not like how it changed the race.

Racetracks Game Variant:

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  • 06.05.2008 9:11 PM PDT

If you love race tracks go here to see the best of the best iewreplies=true&postRepeater1-p=1

Sweet track. I love the interlocking bank 180 thing.

  • 06.05.2008 9:14 PM PDT

Andy:...they eat their wounded.
Caboose: Just like chiropractors!
(quote from redvsblue)

it looks amazing i have to check it out

  • 06.05.2008 10:25 PM PDT

its been on youtube.i think it is short.

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  • 06.06.2008 6:51 PM PDT

Forge Reviewers

"If legends knew what awaited, they'd spend their youths differently"

Community Reviewer: Draycos559
Map Review-

Description: 4/5 (not much of a description)
Pictures: 5/5 (does a video count as lots and lots of pictures? LoL)
Map Idea: 4/5
Map Quality {layout}: 5/5
Map Quality {looks}: 4/5

Comments:Very nice racing map. The map looks really nice and plays pretty well, with no tough spots or places that make you have to go all the way back to the start if you do them wrong. You also used a lot of interesting and innovative ideas to make your map uncheatable. However, as stated above, it is kind of short. Overall though, a very nice racing map.

Overall: 4/5

Want another map reviewed? Want to become a reviewer? Message me.

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  • 06.07.2008 9:30 PM PDT


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