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"Impulse" by Bilbo24 on 05.23.2008
A smooth bank.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Impulse - by Bilbo24 - Youtube Video - 107,900+ dls - Mongoose Race...

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This is the second super track in my super track series. I hope to make more super tracks on the new maps so keep posted. The first track is called Ecstasy and its on my fileshare. This track has it all. Almost everything for racing has been used on this super track! You start off and go off a barrier jump. Then you do a sharp hairpin turn that leads to a banked turn. The banked turn goes in a full circle around the map and then into an "S" bend using barriers. Then you go up on a bridge onto double boxes. You take a sharp turn and then go off a jump to the top of the map. Then you go down a small ramp and back up to a huge skate ramp! The skate ramp turns into a bridge "U" turn which takes you back to the beginning. The finish line is at the top of the skate ramp. There is an observation deck you can go up to via teleporter. If you turn left of where you spawn and jump over the barrier, the teleporter is right there. Please check out all the maps on my fileshare

Video (Youtube):
Impulse Video

Map Location:


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Review by Bulle jr:

Impulse on Foundry by Bilbo24

Minor Errors
-When coming round to start the banked turn, the banked turn to the right kind of caves in on you and it makes you a little confused.
-The top part of the map causes a huge loss of speed and when racing you can get stuck when turning narrow.

-The start is very creative and for some reason it made me feel more like I was in a real race.
-Most of the track is double wide and this produces great flow and makes it easy to drive. It is also very good for racing.
-The banked turn is well constructed and there is no parts where it is easy to fall off. The banked turn is also very fast and smooth.
-The whole idea of this track and the layout is amazing. It uses almost every space foundry has, both on ground level and in the air.
-I like the part at the top alot because I like how you get up there and then how you get down, both very smooth ramps.
-Good use of shield doors and grav-lifts to direct the racer along the track.

-Block off the part I was talking about in minor error #1.
-If you could lower the top part in minor error #2.

Final Thoughts
-Amazing layout, amazing flow and overall an amazing track.

Final Rating
Difficulty: Easy
Creativity: 5
Flow: 5
Race-Ability: 4.5
Clarity: 4.5
Entertainment: 5
Final Rating: 5/5!!!

just to let you know, the banked turn could have cost you the 5/5 because of race-ability but apart from the banked turn, it's all double wide.

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Subject: Impulse - by Bilbo24 - on Bungie Faves!!! - Youtube Video - 4000+ dls


i like your forge ability, good job
but i really don't like race maps...

  • 06.05.2008 6:06 PM PDT

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Yeah, I really admire you skill in Forge, and I enjoy your tracks, but try to make some different gametype maps. 5/5

  • 06.05.2008 6:39 PM PDT

wow you got it up to 5500 downloads, thats pritty sweet dude

  • 06.05.2008 6:44 PM PDT
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