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"Sewers v2" by Shock Theta on 05.24.2008 1v1 Showdown Round 7. Created by rusty eagle and Shock Theta.
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Subject: Sewers v2

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Map Created by rusty eagle and Shock Theta

Version 2:
Objective gametypes overhauled
Mauler respawn doubled

Sewers is an amply sized 1v1 map created for Tier 7 of Forge Hub's 1v1 Showdown.

The map is set within a small street scene containing a single two storey house with a balcony. The street runs in an ''L" shape around the ground floor of the house. Currently major road maintenance is being undertaken and there are three access points into the sewer system running beneath the road - one at each end and one at the middle/corner turn. We've named them ' Cage', 'Staircase' and 'Slide' respectively.

At the base of the Slide rests a low ammo Fuel Rod Gun, the power weapon for the sewer floor. Elsewhere in the sewers there is a Plasma Grenade and a Battle Rifle, underneath the Cage. On street level there are two Battle Rifles, one above the Staircase and one in the ground floor room of the house ('A' Room'). A Carbine lies in the middle of the road behind the maintenance crew's machinery. Moving up to the balcony of the house there is a low ammo Mauler at its end as well as a Plasma Grenade at the middle point of the staircase leading to the topmost floor of the house. Here lies the Sniper Rifle.

Sewers is a very open map and makes use of multiple floors, minimal yet specific wall geometry placement and a wide variety of jumps in order to completely eliminate 1v1 spawning problems yet still enable rapid yet fluid movement around the environment. Its structure strongly promotes the use of longer range weapons whether it is on the open ground floor area, atop the house or down in the tunnels of the sewers. The presence of the Mauler is greatly beneficial in that it does not dominate play but provides a subtle hindrance to the overuse of Assault Rifles. A skilled sniper will do well here, and the Fuel Rod Gun is provided to aid the player stuck down in the sewers. The variety of routes out of this area prevent it from becoming too dangerous a place to be.

Overall Sewers is a map that can provide strong competitive play and prioritises rewarding skill and tactics whilst maintaining a polished and unique setting. Grab a sparring parter and show your skills.


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  • 05.24.2008 1:13 PM PDT


I'm surprised that now one posted a single Comment on this map yet. I loved V1 and hope I can enjoy more with this map.

  • 05.26.2008 8:42 PM PDT

I will check it out and tell you what I think.

  • 05.26.2008 8:45 PM PDT

I agree with Irontusk. This map is very fun for games that aren't even 1v1, like mini objective games. 5/5 rating from me, btw.

  • 05.29.2008 11:02 AM PDT

"This reminds me of a time when i tried to kill myself over a puzzle i couldn't complete"

This map is amazing

  • 07.11.2008 2:01 PM PDT

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