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"Grifball Xtreme" by Lord Vardel on 05.26.2008
A game variant of Grifball Xtreme, Monday May 26, 2008 00:24:03
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Subject: Grifball Xtreme! *With Screenshots*

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This is my extreme version of Grifball. Just to be clear, I am not claiming this is a better version of Grifball, in fact, it probably isn't. It is just a different version I made and have had some fun playing with my friends. You can get the map here.

This is created based off the newest Spring League version of the Grifball map, just with some new additions to make it "extreme"

Basically I added some platforms that can be jumped on pretty easily. If you follow the platforms you can get to two seperate power weapons.

On the center ramp you will see a turret in a shield door "room" This shield door room makes the turret useless unless you pull it off the tripod. Once the ammo is exhausted it doesn't respawn. It is extremely powerful, but very hard to get to in the course of a game. So it is somewhat balanced, but you can remove it if you don't like it.

Off to the left and right sides of the map are two rocket launchers. These rocket launchers are floating on weapon holders. They respawn every 30 seconds but only have two rockets in them. They are floating so that you have to jump from the floating platforms to get them. This prevents someone from camping the platforms with a rocket launcher, and in doing so balances them out.

I also put some barriers up around the bomb planting position. There are also two trip mines, one at each spawn point. There are also grenades spread through the map just to add to the chaos.

If played with the Grifball Xtreme gametype you will get fury with you respawn. For 3 seconds you will have 500% damage resistance, which will give you a better chance at survival if the other team has the turret. I also turned off infinite ammo to limit the ammo on the rocket launcher and the turret. But you rarely stay alive long enough to use all the ammo in your weapons, and if you do there are usually plenty of hammers and swords to pick up on the floow.

All other features are the same.

Fun with the turret

Leaping for the Rocket Launcher

Fighting for the turret

Overview with thrown Trip Mine

  • 05.26.2008 12:37 AM PDT
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Just downloaded the game and map, looking forward to playing them both:)
If I could offer a suggestion, you should probably link the map and gametypes for Grifball Xtreme together so that it's easier to find both of them at once.
Anyway, I really like the work and thought you put into these. Good job.

  • 10.12.2008 4:04 AM PDT

"They're definitely heroes," he said of Noble Six's unit. "This will be about honor and sacrifice. And you still kick a ton of ass, you still blow a lot of stuff up." -urk

This is a lot of fun to play. I love it.

  • 11.04.2008 1:24 PM PDT

I can't find the map.

  • 02.27.2009 8:35 AM PDT

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