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"Sumo Ring" by Blue5wirl on 04.28.2008
Keep the other players out of the ring with your Grav Hammer. For use with the Sumo Wrestling game type. 4-8 players.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Map Variant
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Please, Bungie, Consider looking through peoples file share and testing the maps before hand. I am sorry to whom ever created this map but bungie please try harder to find a good map...

Halo For Life!!!!!!

  • 11.05.2008 5:50 PM PST

Real men invert.

Hi, I'm the map creator. I know it's a very small, simple map, but please remember: it was not made for use with normal game types. It's for the Sumo Wrestling game type, also in Favorites. You need to play with them both together.

  • 11.06.2008 6:08 AM PST

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This map is so bad..... i can't beleive it.
I've got no words for this.
Bungie....................................................... .no.... just no.
Even with a matching gametype, i isn't fun.
Please look at the GOOD maps, around the files forum.

A what the hell..... back to Far Cry 2!

  • 11.10.2008 4:51 AM PST

Stop arguing over imaginary -blam!-. May as well argue over Santa Claus. There will never be proof that there is/was a god - and before people start saying "HERP DERP PROVE THERE WASN'T ONE ROFLOLOL" well, you are the people who made it up in the first place so we know there isn't one
What created the big bang then? A coalition of genetically modified TR-909s with extra distortion?

This map makes me cry in the bath tub and cut my self....... 1/10 IT DESTROYS THE POINT OF FORGE

[Edited on 11.10.2008 6:25 PM PST]

  • 11.10.2008 6:25 PM PST


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