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"Heatwave" by LIGHTSOUT225 on 05.26.2008
Siege the floating isle oasis. Designed for 1 Flag, 1 Bomb. Both with 3 min rounds. 8-10 players
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  • Map: Standoff
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Subject: Heatwave V2- Taking Standoff to another level. Forge Hub FEATURED. ...


Link to v1 - 288 DLs

Please visit my thread for a more detailed, user friendly description with numerous embedded screenshots, along with more testimonies from those who enjoyed it.

Influence: Cloudtop (unreleased) by Tender Bisquit. Be on the lookout, I’ll link to it here once he finishes it. It’s a great, motivating map. His and my maps have once noticeable similarity. In Cloudtop, he uses 2 separated vertically-angled open boxes as means of travel from one level to the next. I loved it, and consider this part of my map homage to it.
“Heatwave” was named by Furious D18.

# Players: 8-10
Suggested Gametypes: 1 Flag, 1 Bomb (3 minute rounds)

Background: After decades of research, UNSC opens its first training facility utilizing Covenant technology, as means of knowing thine enemy better.

Brief Overview: Heatwave is an asymmetrical map designed for one-sided gametypes. Defense spawns in the sky base, and the Attack spawns in Standoff’s red base. I wanted to break the mold of the traditional sky base, by giving the map a semi-Lockout feel, with several angles and some challenging jumps. The first step I had to do when making this map was decide on where in Standoff’s sky I wanted Heatwave to take place. I knew it couldn’t go in the middle because I wanted it to be asymmetrical and work for 8+ players. That left the 4 corners, essentially. I ended up on choosing the Southwest corner, due to the sun’s proximity.

The View: You’ll notice when playing, especially on attack, some great views which really add to Heatwave’s atmosphere. One of my favorites is the view after taking the mancannon up to the base, you turn down the shield door hall and look up at the flag spawn. Also, when running up the slanted fence boxes towards the flag in the sky base, the sun really adds to the map. The attack base with the shield door garage isn’t too bad to look at either.

Basically, you don’t realize how bland Foundry really is until you Forge on Standoff. This is my first non-Foundry map, and I can’t believe I didn’t forge here sooner. The colors and views motivated me so much I actually hit Standoff’s item limit!

Notes: Heatwave, aside from being my first released non-Foundry map, is the fastest map I’ve ever made. I had it built in about one night, and just tweaked here and there for about another day or so. This is partially due to Standoff’s forging limits. However, I feel it turned out really well, and I am quite proud of it. I hope you enjoy it, and all feedback is welcome. I’m new to vehicle supported maps, so I’m open to constructive criticism.

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  • 05.26.2008 6:58 PM PDT
Subject: Heatwave V2- Taking Standoff to another level. Pics at Forge Hub. 2...


This map is amazing!! definite 5/5. I love sky bases and things of that sort

  • 05.31.2008 8:42 AM PDT

Congrats on the ForgeHub feature, LIGHTS. This is a great looking map and I can't wait to play it with you.

  • 05.31.2008 9:09 AM PDT

"Cross into the blue"

wow floating bases ROCK

  • 06.01.2008 9:58 AM PDT

Check out my File Share

Join my group too.

Unbelievablely Amazing!

  • 06.01.2008 12:52 PM PDT

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