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"Nooks&Crannies" by Debo37 on 05.31.2008
ADHD meets OCD in this fairly balanced and riotously fun 'heap of junk' map by Debo37, mitona, and Mr McHaggis1. 4-16 players
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Nooks&Crannies - A giant pile of AWESOME
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Destiny awaits. And it will be great.

Debo37, mitona, and Mr McHaggis1 proudly present their latest creation: Nooks&Crannies.

ForgeHub Thread - Pictures are really easy to see here!

Overview of Window Side

Overview of Opposite Side

At first glance, this map may appear to be a giant pile of crap. If that is the opinion you hold, you are in no way incorrect. The geometry of this map was made in approximately three minutes, and that is not a joke. When mitona and Mr McHaggis1 loaded the map during a customs event, a few epic Infection games took place soon after, and I decided that I would make the map compatible with all gametypes, solely for the lulz. Spawn points, weapon placement, and even respawn areas are used competently and effectively. The map even hits the static object limit, which proves how awesome and great it is. [/sarcasm]

After I finished "modernizing" the map and playtested it thoroughly, I decided it was worthy of posting here. Because of the fact that it works best for Infection and Slayer, I decided to post it on Besides, the majority of the posting community here doesn't understand that there are any gametypes other than Slayer and Infection. But I still <3 you guys.

Obviously, when editing it I had to adjust some pieces of scenery to allow for proper motion and lack of "OMG I'M STUCK" spaces, but aside from those changes, the map retains its "is this a giant pile of crap?" feel.

In objective/two-team games, the Attackers spawn near the windows of Foundry, on what I call "window side."
They spawn near a Gravity Hammer.
The hammer lies near the base of a tower with a Machine Gun Turret and a good view of the back alley.
Closer to the default Foundry's base, an Overshield spawns atop a box inside the giant pile of stuff.

Conversely, Defenders spawn on the non-windowed side of Foundry. The Ghost is useless anywhere other than the back alley, but is pretty much nerfed due to the Machine Gun Turret on attack side. It was only left in the map for the sake of having a vehicle to add to the randomness.
Defenders get a Sword instead of a Hammer, and a Ghost.
Defenders are nearer the Active Camouflage spawn, which is a very useful tool to have when navigating the pile of crap that is this map.

The map also boasts many neutral locations that will likely be fought over.
Sniper Tower floats in midair, true to the noobish cliche we have all established.
Rockets are placed against the "dividing barrier" in Foundry. Ironically, the fusion coils nearby obscure the "Danger" warning on the wall. That couldn't have been intentional...
In the area that is the default "window base" lies another awesomely noobish section: the fusion coil "Pit of Death."
Near the Pit of Death is a tower that can be climbed from the back or jumped up from the front. It holds a Sentinel Beam and a Regenerator.

Map Weapon/Equipment Load:
(Almost every weapon! Because we all know - the more weapons, the better! >.>)

* 1 Sniper Rifle
* 1 Beam Rifle
* 1 Rocket Launcher
* 1 Spartan Laser
* 1 Fuel Rod Cannon
* 1 Energy Sword
* 1 Gravity Hammer
* 1 Shotgun
* 1 Mauler
* 1 Plasma Pistol
* 2 SMGs
* 2 Brute Spikers
* 2 Plasma Rifles
* 3 BRs
* 1 Carbine
* 2 ARs
* 1 Needler
* 1 Sentinel Beam
* 1 Brute Shot
* 1 Bubble Shield
* 1 Power Drain
* 1 Regenerator
* 1 Portable Grav Lift
* 1 Radar Jammer
* 4 Frag Grenades
* 6 Plasma Grenades

Enjoy our creation, and post with all the praise you can think up.

[Edited on 06.10.2008 2:11 PM PDT]

  • 06.10.2008 11:48 AM PDT
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Nice map, check out my map War Zone

  • 06.10.2008 12:04 PM PDT
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haha i know what you mean... now go to my map! >:( lol jk jk jk but its a nice map ^.^ a little hard to pleh tho... care to see mine? infect-o-cube V2 and on my fileshare i have a few others

  • 06.10.2008 12:24 PM PDT

yeah i would prolly have DL'd the map b4 advertising too.... but this is really the only way to get your map noticed.

P.S. Nice map i DL'd b4 you reposted. REAL funny infection!

  • 06.10.2008 12:53 PM PDT

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