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"THE MIST" by o TastyMango o on 05.31.2008
The ARMY research facilities have opened a new dimension. Letting out unthinkable creatures. MADE BY o TastyMango o
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Subject: -The Mist- (FORGEHUB) Over 625 Downloads! LOADS of pics!

Love the life you live
Live the life you love
-Bob Marley


The Mist
The Mist Movie Trailer

Made by: IcedFrappuccino


Forgehub: FORGEHUB
Gametype: Misty Madness

I.Map Description
II.Gametype Description
V.Final Notes

I. Map Description

This map is based off the movie, "The Mist". The humans spawn inside of the grocery store, while the zombies spawn outisde of the grocery store in the parking lot. The humans have multiple equipment choices infront of them when they spawn. They must choose wisley and use them at the right times. The humans can either try and hold off the Grocery store at the front or they can try and hide to survive.

The zombies have multiple ways into the grocery store. They can blow up the fusion coils at the front door to knock down the barrier, they can jump onto the roof and find out wich crate to move over that will let them drop inside, they can window panel jump inside, or they can wait until the humans open the garage from inside of the store. The way the humans can open the garage, is they have to go into one of the back rooms and they will see some fusion coils stacked up against a wall. All you have to do is shoot them and the garage door will rise up.

There are hidden weapons around the map, inside and outside. Be careful though, the weapons never respawn.

Weapon list:
1 BR
2 Carbines
6 Magnums
1 Shotgun
1 VERY HIDDEN flamethrower

There are 2 active camos that spawn outside of the store, to help the zombies out in their brain hunting quest. There are also some timed map events that will help the humans out if they can survive long enough.

II. Gametype Description
100% Gravity
100% Speed
100% Health
Start with Magnum, NO infinite ammo
No forced color

100% Gravity
100% Speed
No Shields (So aim for the heads humans!)
Start with swords, Infinite ammo like always
Forced Color: Zombie

There are five, 6 minute rounds
No last man standing bonus

III. Pictures

Slideshow of "The Mist"

Zombie Spawn
Human Spawn
Grocery Store
Use those wisley!
Switch to Garage
Garage Door OPEN!
Which crate leads inside?
Back of store
Storage Room
The Parking Lot

Hidin' in the bathroom
Some Nice Teamwork!
Camper gets pwned!
He has the shotty in the truck!
They are already here!

IV. Tips
Tips for humans:
Conserve your ammo.
Use the equipment wisely. The flares and tripmines can be lifesavers.
Don't rush outside to quickly. This will only lead into your doom.
USE TEAMWORK. Always try and stick with a buddy.
The mongooses are always a good way to get a quick getaway.

Tips for zombies:
I don't have too many tips for zombies, but use the active camo when it spawns, find the way inside from the roof (it WILL help), and it also helps to knock down the front door instead of going through the roof every round.

V. Final Notes
I tried my hardest to make this map seem like the movie "The Mist". I put the shotgun out in the truck, like in the movie. I barricaded the windows, added a working garage. I also added a storage room, unlike the movie.

There is a crate on the roof that leads you into a booby trap :D If you can survive for 120 seconds, something ;] spawns on the roof that allows you to get somewhere very , very tricky.

I hope you guys enjoy the map like I have.

Don't forget to rate!

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  • 06.01.2008 4:52 PM PDT
Subject: -The Mist- (FORGEHUB) Over 10 Downloads! LOADS of pics!
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Nice map I love the movie the mist this is perfect 5/5 and Great discription.

  • 06.01.2008 5:02 PM PDT
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Great map, looks accurate to the movie with a cool theme 5/5

  • 06.01.2008 5:49 PM PDT
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  • last post: 01.01.0001 12:00 AM PDT

honestly i never watched the mist but the map looks really fun and from the commercials i saw the store looks accurate 5/5 me and my friends will play on it later

  • 06.01.2008 5:56 PM PDT

Contradicting Qoutes
Nothing ventured, nothing gained/Better safe then sorry
The more the merrier/Two's company, three's a crowd
Never to old to learn/You can't teach an old dogs new tricks
Actions speak louder than words/The pen is mightier than the sword
Look before you leap/He who hesitates is lost
Clothes make the man/Dont judge a book by its cover

How`d u do the garge doar opening switch thingy

  • 06.01.2008 6:22 PM PDT


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