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"Reflex" by IVlatty on 06.01.2008
This abandoned water treatment plant is now used for UNSC training exercises - Supports all gametypes - 2 to 10 players.
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: Reflex - Outstanding Map - Featured on ForgeHub - Over 4500 Downl...

Link to original Forgehub thread

This map is an updated version - The previous map hit 700 downloads in under 48 hours, and the second version had 600.

Update Changes:

V1 Changes

Escape proof'ed known areas
Lowered Run-time maximums on weapons
Swapped Deployable cover for regenerator
Added small scenery
Tweaked spawns

V2 Changes

Escape proofed all areas
Added Radar Jammer
Added Overshield
Added Active Camoflague
Added more cover around the Hammer area.


Author: Matty
Supported Gametypes: All Gametypes
Recommended Gametypes: FFA, Capture The Flag, Team Slayer,
Recommended Players: 2-10
Time Taken To Complete: 25 Hours


Weapons and Equipment

6x Battle Rifle
3x Covenant Carbine
2x SMG
2x Plasma Rifle
2x Brute Spikers
1x Beam Rifle
1x Gravity Hammer
1x Flame Thrower
1x Plasma Pistol
4x Plasma Grenades
1x Power Drain
1x Regenerator
1x Bubble Shield
1x Radar Jammer
1x Active Camo
1x Overshield
1x Ghost


Reflex is a hugely tactical map, built around some incredibly interesting geometry, which promotes an exciting and un-parallelled experience that you will want to replay again and again. Reflex supports all gametypes, and serves all the needs required by them. FFA, and Team Slayer matches offer intense fun, and reward players who control weapons and defensive areas of the map. Objective games are immensely tactical, rewarding players who work as a solid team and help each other when necassary. Oddball and KotH variants offer some epic fight scenes, and allow players to try risky and unorthadox manouvers that may turn out to be an unforgettable moment. Overall, Reflex offers gameplay for all kinds of players, ranging from the hugely competative to the laid-back and casual. This map really isnt worth the miss.

A view of the central area. A hotspot for unmissable moments.

A view of the other side of the 'tunnel'. Where the defenders spawn.

The side passage. Alot of fighting takes place in this area.

The defenders spawn. Plenty of cover and alternate routes.

The Attackers central area. The flame thower spawns on the fence wall.

The defensive area. Bomb/Flag points are on the double wall

Another view of the 'side passage'. Notice the 'criss cross' roof.

Another shot of the central area. Notice the 'arrows'.

Final screenshot of the 'side passage'. Gravity Hammer spawns here.

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  • 06.01.2008 12:03 PM PDT
Subject: Reflex - Outstanding Map - Supports All Gametypes - Forge Hub - 5 S...

This map is great! Well worth the hard drive space. Awesome Interlocking!
"Thread Saved due to rrod.."

  • 06.01.2008 12:06 PM PDT

M ii L k MaN x = Xbox 360 Live Gamertag

Leader of the group Photograforgers :)

Dom "i wud pwn ur briteesh bk srcub cup of tee and crumptez"

Looks like a great map now downloading =]

  • 06.01.2008 12:07 PM PDT
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I agree! Downloading.... ;)

  • 06.01.2008 12:16 PM PDT

Clan KryNite-Halo 3+CoD4

Wow, one of the few maps that actually make you forget you're in Foundry. 5/5

  • 06.01.2008 12:29 PM PDT

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