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"_Aurora" by thesilencebrokn on 06.13.2008
TEAM/FFA/ODDBALL/CTF/NEUTRALBOMB - made by thesilencebrokn
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  • Map: Foundry
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Subject: AURORA. - Forgehub member - 5stars - 300+ dls!

Enclosed team-objective map based on aspects of Ivory Tower.

2v2 - 4v4

Aurora is an interesting map for me. I spent about 45 hours in total on it. when i drew this map out on paper it was a little bigger than what i came up with. This is in part that when i finished the wall outline of the map, it came out smaller than i thought. i reallllllly didnt want to rebuild the whole wall, so i decided to give it a go.

I set it up for mostly Team-oriented games. FFA Slayer works well too, but the layout lends itself better to teams. it has the defenders base on one side of the map, complete with sniper hall-tower-thing, and on the other side, the attackers base... which is actually oddly done, but it works well. Sniper rifles were included for tactical reasons. I know its a small map, but there are several long corridors that the opposing team can come flying down. Additionally, you can try your luck picking them off from the catwalks. Its not supposed to center around them, just add to the possibilities. There are all kinds of levels to jump from. BR lovers may like taking down their friends on this map. Maybe they wont. I'll let you download and decide for yourself.

REVIEWS and BUNGIE RATINGS would be pleasant. =]

- TEAM SLAYER [recommended]
- NEUTRAL ASSAULT [recommended]
- TEAM ODDBALL [recommended]

- Battle Rifles [x8]
- Spiker [x2]
- Maulers [x2 separated - 120 spawn]
- SMGs [x4]
- Plasma Rifles [x2]
- Carbines [x2]
- Sniper Rifle [x2 - 150 spawn, 0 clips]
- Active Camo [x1 - 150 spawn] [symmetrical only]
- Overshield [x1 - 150 spawn] [asymmetrical only]
- Bubbleshield [x2 - 150 spawn]
- Frag Grenades [x2 - 30 spawn]
- Plasma Grenades [x4 - 45 spawn]

i was trying to test myself with this map, and i didnt get it to be what i saw in my head, but this map isnt anything to turn your back to. i feel it still came out pretty strong, and offers players of all kinds something to enjoy. please check it out and give me your thoughts and in-depth reviews. DONT FORGET TO RATE ON BUNGIE!! - thanks, John

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  • 06.15.2008 9:50 AM PDT

$nipes since 1994

this map is awsome

  • 06.15.2008 10:00 AM PDT


The Cutting Edge

I've been part of the Bungie Conspiracy since Halo: CE
...and I still blame Stosh.

Looks like a very nice map, you seemed to put a lot of effort on the interlocking. Good job 5/5

  • 06.15.2008 10:36 AM PDT
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Amazing, 5 star.
The Geo-merging on this map alone could warant a five out of five, the way you have so many merged boxes set up for the tunnels is amazing.
I am, however, put at a loss for words by the epic-ness of the object merging; it makes the map what it is. how many hours did you spend trying to get this all right?
You are correct in saying that this map is quite small and I can see that diminishing objective games; all they have to do is sprint for the flag or bomb and then jump towards their base, if they die it falls fairly close to home anyways.
As well I found that grenade spaming towards the bases, and tunnels, and center platform can make the entire playing feild a bit of a hell hole.
Amazing job. keep forging and I'l be amazed by whatever else you make too probably.


  • 06.15.2008 11:02 AM PDT


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