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"Creep v2" by JSlayer7 on 06.13.2008
Fight your foes and prepare for hectic FFA madness that spans across 2 enclosed floors of fury. 10 players MAX.
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Subject: Creep v2 - Immensely Fun FFA Map - Interlocking Galore - Epic Battl...

A Map Presented by JSlayer7


What's New With Version 2?
Completely Redone Second Floor and Stairs Leading to It
Added A "Quick Route" to the Second Floor from the Middle Area on the First Floor
Spiffed up some Interlocking, Added a Shotgun Spawn, More Duel Weps, Less Powers
Made Oddball, KotH, and Slayer Gametypes The Primary Ones to Play


Hello all. JSlayer here, talking about the newest version of my map, Creep v2. Xeron Project v3 took SO long to make, that I actually took some time off from forging because of the immense work I put into that map. After this, I decided that I should remake Creep, and tweak it to its fullest potential. As far as I am concerned, there really shouldn't be a v3 of Creep because I spent some time figuring out how to make Creep better than before. And I can definitely tell you that playtesting for this map was immensely fun! Creep v2 forces the players towards the top floor, but also allows them to prepare and kill any enemies on the first floor. Creep v2 is a map where there is always someone in front of you and behind you, creating some hilarious battles and crazy sprees. Enjoy!

The First Floor: Now some info about the map. The first floor defines the claustrophobic feel in the name "Creep." It is very unpredictable because it is jam-packed with areas to explore. There is a sword spawn, a shelves area (plasmas and SMGs), a shotgun spawn/power drainer area, a trip mine spawn, two sets of stairs to the second floor and a middle area connecting them all. Shield doors are placed to encourage grenade bouncing, but are also for aesthetic purposes. Also, there are different types of grenades placed throughout the first floor. When it comes to traveling between the first and second floors, you have 3 options, and must choose your own fate. You have the 2 stair sets, which take some time to get to, or you can take the "quick route," a new feature used in the middle area of the first floor. The "quick route" is faster, but also riskier because you have to worry about potential people on the second floor all around you.

Sword Hallway
Shelves Area
Shotgun Spawn
Stair Set #1
Stair Set #1 - Action
Stair Set #2
Stair Set #2 - Action

The Second Floor: The second floor is much simpler, but is designed to emphasize its use for most gameplay. What I mean by this is that the gametypes force players upwards, rather than downwards (this is true for the more exciting gametypes). The second floor contains various grenades, a BR bunker, a rocket ledge, and a duel plasmas spawn. It also contains some aesthetic features, but again, the top floor is meant to be more open and spacious for battles to take place.

Second Floor - Angle 1
Second Floor - Angle 2
The Pit

Compatible Gametypes: Slayer, Oddball, KotH, VIP, Juggernaut, Infection
Recommended Gametypes: Slayer, Oddball, and KotH (anything FFA)
# of Players: 6-10 is recommended (10 players max)

Weapons and Equipment Layout:
Plasma Grenade x4
Spike Grenade x4
Frag Grenade x2
Plasma Rifle x2
SMG x2
Spiker x2
Battle Rifle x1
Energy Sword x1
Power Drainer x1
Rocket Launcher x1
Shotgun x1
Trip Mine x1

Thanks for checking out everyone. I really appreciate it.

Bonus Pictures:
Outside Overview #1
Outside Overview #2
First Floor (WITHOUT Ceiling} #1
First Floor (WITHOUT Ceiling) #2
First Floor (WITHOUT Ceiling) #3

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  • 06.14.2008 3:51 PM PDT
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it looks preety good I'll give it a 5/5 from the screenshots but I'll tell you what i think when I play.

*saves thread*

  • 06.14.2008 3:54 PM PDT
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Community Reviewer: Dallas 9495

Map Review-

Description: 5/5
Pictures: 5/5
Map Idea: 4/5
Map Quality {layout}: 4/5
Map Quality {looks}: 5/5

Comments. Looks great! Its great you took the time to interlock. It looks great for slayer and such. I like the huge pit. Good job.

Overall: 4.5/5

~Dallas 9495
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  • 06.14.2008 4:04 PM PDT
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Looks amazingly fun! This map is for sure 5/5 and DL

  • 06.14.2008 4:36 PM PDT

Im a big fan of infection(I don't know why)and I was wonderingf if you could try it out for me on this map.


Pics: 5/5

Design: 5/5



There is nothing i can really say exept that this truley is an amazing map.

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  • 06.14.2008 5:24 PM PDT


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