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"Hangar 02 V2" by Insane54 on 06.15.2008
Two rival flag-making companies duke it out in an epic duel to the death. Plays best with 8-10 players on Hangar 02 CTF.
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  • Map: Rat's Nest
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Subject: Hangar 02 V2 - Forge Hub Featured, Voted 2nd Best Objective Map At ...

Community Cartographers!

Send me a message and I'll try to answer all of your thingamajiggers :)

Hangar 02 V2
A Forge Hub featured map, and 2nd place in Forge Hub's Best Objective Map.
Two rival flag-making companies duke it out in an epic duel to the death.

Front Picture

Download recommended gametype: Hangar 02 CTF
Click here to go to the ForgeHub thread

"Sir! Sir!" the journalist calls out as shells cascade down from the turret, "What’s the situation here?"
"Can't talk right now, the battle... DOWN DOWN DOWN!", the soldier on the turret roars as a rocket screams overhead, missing the journalist by inches.
"Well, can you at least tell me why you are stationed here? This is a very important piece and the bonus I'll get... Let's just say that stories like this will never be an issue again."
"There has been a recent issue with illegal cloning and the fact that cloning equipment was damaged after the 'Great War', leading to serious defects and mutating biochemistry."
"Can you please elaborate on this cloning situation for our readers?"
The solider suddenly turns back to his turret and starts blazing away, the white of the muzzle flash almost completely obscuring his view, even through his night-vision goggles. He stops shooting momentarily, and without looking he replies, "There have been worries that what they might have created may have the same mental and physical characteristics of the 'Flood'. They might even carry the same basic cell structure, which could lead to the inevitable fact that there is no escaping this parasitic species."
"Are you saying that what we might have here is universal epidemic?"
"No, not at all. We are the reason why nothing will come of it. We are the special ops division of UNSC known as the DUCKS."
"The Ducks, are you kidding me? We are giving our last chance at humanity to a military squad known as the Ducks?"
"It is foreseen that we are to be mocked because of this name, but if you make a first impression based on our name, then you are a fool. Excuse me for a second..."
The solider yells uninterpretable words at the rest of the squad, and turns back to the journalist.
"Is this almost done yet?"
"Just one more question. How do you plan on stopping this threat in its tracks?"
"We have a certain strategy that has never failed at battle. The enemy's defeat will occur regardless of any turn of events..."

Map Description
Thanks to Allseeing and Lone for the backstory and description. Also note that the words on the hangar are actually 'Hangar 92'. It looks like a 0 on my screen, though. So, my mistake. (Thanks...ish to Matty for bringing that to my attention)

Hangar 02 V2 is a perfectly symmetrical (two team) map that incorporates many strategies not found in the average map, making this one of the best Rat's Nest variants in existence. Whilst looking plain to the unwary eye, Hangar features tactics that once accustomed to the minor nuances of the map, gives many possibilities to the player, letting them make quick decisions to alter the course of battle. One action can destroy a team, change the game flow, make a rescue, or bring down your team and obliterate all hopes of making it through the battle victorious.

One of many tactics involve using the series of pipes above the level, and pounce like a neenja and grab the flag, or launch a suprise attack on the enemy. While gaining access to these pipes is no easy feat, you can circumvent the entire battle by using the grav lift underneath your flag spawn. Be careful, the enemy can use the same tactic. A shotgun is can be very useful in 1v1 fights on the pipes.

Highly recommended is an optional gametype, Hangar 02 CTF. This gametype includes many small (but important) fixes to normal gameplay. Even without it, this map will play great on all gametypes short of infection.

With great spawns, supreme tactics, perfect weapon choice AND placement, this map will have you begging for more.

Weapons/Equipment/Vehicles on Map
Name - Quantity on Map - Respawn Time
MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System [MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle] - 6 - Assorted
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle - 4 - Assorted
Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Matériel [SRS99D-S2 AM] - 2 - 120
M90A Close Assault Weapon System [CAWS Shotgun] - 2 -120
M7/Caseless Submachine Gun - 8 - 30
M19 SSM Rocket Lawn Chair - 1 - 150
Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Galileian Nonlinear Rifle [Spartan Laser] - 2 - Never
LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pod - 1 - Never
AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun - 2 - 180

Vehicles and Equipment
M274 Mongoose ULATV - 2 - 30
TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine - 2 - 150
Personal Anti-Gravity Deployment Unit - 2 - 120
BT79 Projectile Deflecting Enclosure [Bubble Shield] - 1 - 60
UNSC Standard Issue Blinding Flare - 2 - 90
Portable Radar Distraction Unit [Radar Jammer] - 1 - 180
Active Photon Diffusion Camouflage - 1 - 60
Weapon details taken from


Click on any image to see it in HD 1024x576 resolution.
Thanks L0N3 S0LD13R for the pictures.

Picture 1
An overview of the middle of the map.

Picture 2
View from your flag, looking towards the middle.

Picture 3
Under the flag is the grav lift...

Picture 4
...which you use to get on the pipes. You can then...

Picture 5 all the way around like a NEENJA!


Thanks to RunningChron for the video!
Click here to go to Youtube Video


Ducks of Onyx Strategy 1: Quack Protocol Alpha

The Ducks of Onyx are a matchmaking/custom game group started in TGIF #7 in the European party. Assigning his players by MLG-like names, Insane led his team to epic victory in match after match. What came from this is the Ducks of Onyx. We strive to be the best in all of Halo, by usage of our epic 1337 ducky maneuvers, and our awesome Duck names. To join the Ducks of Onyx Boot Camp, click here. Click on any image below to see it in HD 1024x576 resolution.

First Picture of Duck Strategy
Duck 1 (Insane54) grabs the shotgun and grav lift and starts journey around pipes. Duck 3 (Matty) grabs the Sniper Rifle and protects the approach of Ducks 2 (Roche178) and 4 (Shoruka. Duck 4 goes for the Rocket Lawn Chair while Duck 2 goes opposite side and grabs Bubble Shield.

Second Picture of Duck Strategy
Duck 2 and 4 push up into enemy hangar, Duck 3 protects their assault. Flying Duck Formation (shown above) is done, bringing the Ducks close to the flag. Duck 1 drops down, grabs flag, and runs. Duck 2 drops Bubble Shield in the way of approaching enemies, and the Ducks retreat for a capture.


Special Thanks
Very big thanks to the following people:
Ty - We DID make the first one together, regardless of what you think...
L0N3 S0LD13R - The pictures were epic, even though the backstory got uber pwnt and i redid the spawn areas completely. <3 anyway.
AllseeingEntity - Backstory and Description. Now I can stop bugging you to get on Skype and start bugging you to get on XBL.
Shock Theta - "WHA--?!!"
Matty - "You know thats a 9, right..?"
Roche178 - "Just 3 more seconds..."
The Ducks of Onyx - FTW.

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  • 06.16.2008 10:46 PM PDT
Subject: Hangar 02 V2 - A competitive Rat's Nest map with a new twist!

I loved the first version so much, you had me at v2.

  • 06.17.2008 4:45 AM PDT
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nice work

  • 06.17.2008 5:48 AM PDT

helljumper standing by

so much info WOW 5/5

  • 06.17.2008 11:21 PM PDT

Software Tester at Code Refinery
North Carolina State University 2011

Amazing, very unique, and just awesome game play

  • 06.22.2008 5:07 PM PDT

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