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"fort defence2.3" by Johnny023 on 06.16.2008
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Subject: fort defence 2.3 a zombies map

when life gives you lemons, throw them back and ask for cookies.

light a man a fire and he will be warm for the night.
light a man ON fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.
do the right thing >:)

game meant for 6-12 players but you can play with more or less players if you play with more you may want to give the humans a magnum and sword to start with.. there's not a lot of weapons

in this map the humans have to defend a small fort from the zombies humans have 4X
over shields and 500% damage resistance but no shield recharge
everyone starts with a sword (but you can let the humans spawn with a sword and magnum to make the game easier) to survive you will need to save your shields so don't rush into the zombies head first going upstairs and jumping down on them when they come in is normally a good idea 20 seconds into the game a 3 assault rifles (with full ammo) will spawn and that's where the game gets hard zombies will start to spawn in a area with over shields before then enter the field... 60 seconds into the game 4 shotguns (with full ammo) spawn but in the zombies spawn room a path to a custom power up opens letting them become speed zombies (really fast zombies with low health) so now you have speed zombies and zombies with over shields coming at you

as time goes by the zombies get different power ups and equipment (yes equipment like flame grenades) to start with and the humans get more weapons to combat them (like a sniper to kill the flame grenade zombies) zombies can pick up weapons so never let them into the fort! they may just pick up that rocket launcher in the corner... but the humans are really powerful so a rocket won't kill you unless you have low hp... but it doesn't help any to have a zombie shooting you with rockets...

zombies are slow (unless they picked up the speed zombie power up) and have normal health but they don't have infinite ammo so if a zombie happens to get a gun and get out of the fort it's not too bad
zombies can use vehicles humans can't (2 ghosts spawn after 120 sec and a wraith spawns after 180) humans can't use them so don't run for them but you can blow them up before the zombies get them

*** spawns ***
1 magnum at start of the game next to the first player to spawn

over shields for zombies 20 seconds after the game starts
3 assault rifles (full ammo) spawns at stairs 20 seconds after the game starts

4 shotguns (full ammo) spawns between stairs 60 seconds after the game starts
speed zombie power up for zombies 60 seconds after the game starts

1 br (full ammo) and 1 sniper (full ammo) spawns at the top of the stairs 90 seconds after the game starts
zombies get dragons (flame grenades) 90 seconds after the game starts
zombies get flares 90 seconds after the game starts

1 brute shot (full ammo) and a hammer spawns in the two rooms to the left 120 seconds after the game starts
zombies get 2 ghosts and a speed zombie,fraggrenade and deployable cover combo

1 rocket launcher 1 spartan laser and 1 turret spawns in the two rooms to the right 180 seconds into the game
zombies get 1 wraith and a bubble,shield over shield combo

don't hog the weapons if you have a lot of people only take one :) they do spawn more then once so 90 seconds into the game everyone should have a weapon but it matters on how many people are in the game

you may want to explain the game before you start for the first minute or so the zombies will think the humans are over powered if they don't know that the humans don't regenerate shields and the humans may try to rush the zombies if they don't know that to... for the first game the humans won't last too long unless they know what they are doing you need to be careful here or you will die

here's a link to a video of this game on youtube

a like to the game type for this map you need this to play here

rate and comment on this map i think i've fixed all the glitches... if you find one tell me so i can fix it :) i can't place many more items so i can't add much (if any) more... but i'll take any ideas

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