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"SLASO Cortana" by StaroceanZero on 06.16.2008
Solo Legendary All Skulls On
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  • Map: Cortana
  • Film Length: 00:21:49
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Subject: Cortana SLASO

Level: Cortana

Difficulty: 8/10

This level was a nightmare for me, since it requires very little skill and a hell of a lot of luck. Be sure to grab the sword and carbine near the beginning of the level and just hack and slash your way through the first few areas, dodging as many flood as possible. If you run into a Tank form, DO NOT attempt to slash it since it will rarely kill them and they will retaliate with an unavoidable one shot melee kill. Once you reach the area with the active camo, make sure to take one and run through this area and the next until you see a bunch of elite flood run around the corner. Use the camo and dodge them (Credit to Pahat Pojat for that little trick). The generator area is not tough. Just try to stick the range form on the wall and run through the area until you reach Cortana. On the way back, use one of the invisibilities to clear out the middle area and expose the generators. Use the Brute shot to blow up all three. After that, use the carbine to kill what Brutes you can, then rush through the area, killing the range forms that you see, but try not to waste ammo, since you won't get any more swords for the rest of the level. Be sure to bring an invisibility with you as well. Just rush through the next areas dodging the flood until you get to the room with the first set of invisibilities from before. Use your invisibility once you reach the area where the wall explodes revealing a Tank form and the exit. Just rush through while invisible and rush through the final areas until you reach the Pelican.

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  • 07.06.2008 1:36 PM PDT
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woah you rock , i had trouble on this level on legendary with no skulls on on my other account.

  • 07.06.2008 6:58 PM PDT
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I've been stupidly close to completing this level SLASO, But I havent given up yet.

  • 07.26.2008 5:29 AM PDT

Why hello there

Trying this myself atm, so far 've reached the room with the terminal after about 3-4 tries

  • 10.12.2008 1:22 PM PDT


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